Este Haim, bass player of the sister trio Haim, says "I'll pass on grass" when her band visits Denver. (via

Will Haim sisters smoke when tour hits Denver today? Este: “I pass on grass”

When we spoke with Este Haim a few weeks ago, the topic of marijuana popped into the conversation, so we had to ask: Are the sisters going to smoke while in Denver?

The short answer for at least one third of the band Haim is: No.

“I pass on grass,” said Este, bass player of the sister trio Haim. “I’m diabetic. If I start smoking, then I’ll get the munchies and my blood sugar spikes up.”

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She might be in a buzzing new band, bouncing around festivals in the U.S. and internationally, but she still has a responsible regiment when it comes to her health. In fact, at Glastonbury last year, Este collapsed on stage from low blood sugar after forgetting to eat a snack on stage.

But she can’t say the same about her sisters.

“I can’t speak for everyone else in my band,” Este said of Danielle and Alana. The trio stops in Denver May 21 to headline a sold out show at the Ogden Theatre, and even though Este can’t partake, she said she has no problem with weed being around her.

“If a plant happens to catch on fire while I’m around, I can’t really say anything,” she said. “My whole outlook in general is to each his own. If people are having fun and they want to spark a doobie, I’m not going to complain.”

As Este puts it: “I’m from California, so it’s not like I haven’t been exposed to many, many things.”

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