When seen on an interstate in Wyoming or Kansas, is the Colorado license plate synonymous with marijuana? (7NEWS)

Are Colorado drivers being profiled for marijuana in neighboring states?

7NEWS has discovered the answer to the question: Are Colorado drivers being pulled over and profiled by law enforcement in other states as result of the recent start of legal recreational marijuana sales?

Data from states neighboring Colorado show that there are, in fact, some areas where Colorado drivers are being pulled over at a higher rate.

More claims of profiling: Colorado man files lawsuit over “license-plate profiling” in Idaho traffic stop

Jessica Jones, 19-year-old college student, believes she was targeted for her green-and-white license plates when she was pulled over and searched by a Nebraska State Patrol Trooper in January.

“I think he had to make up a reason to pull me over, just because I had a Colorado license plate,” Jones said.

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