Colorado State transfer Chane Behanan, left, and Michigan's Mitch McGary, right, are two college players who have declared for the NBA draft after having marijuana issues in college. Behanan came to CSU in January from Louisville. (Streeter Lecka, Getty Images file)

College basketball and pot: When door closes in NCAA, window opens in NBA

On a cold mid-March night in Ann Arbor, MI, Wolverine basketball big man Mitch McGary was relaxing with some friends after a disappointing loss to rival Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship. McGary had to be upset, State won the game by 14 and out-rebounded Michigan by 10. It was more disheartening for McGary because he was recovering from back surgery and unable to play. While hanging out drinking some brewdogs, one of his friends asked him to take a hit of marijuana. Little did he know, it would put him in the 2014 NBA draft.

Several days later, the NCAA randomly selected McGary to be drug tested. At this time, Michigan was in the NCAA tournament and susceptible to testing for banned substances such as marijuana. McGary tested positive for THC and was ruled in-eligible for his entire junior year.

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Suspension for a full year is beyond absurd. McGary had not played in a collegiate basketball game since December 14, 2013. He contemplated going to the NBA draft after his freshman season. Being out most of this year at Michigan was keeping him enrolled for another season to raise his draft stock. The NCAA’s ruling changed McGary’s plans.

Michigan, the state not the university, has made great strides towards legalization. They currently allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate. In fact, McGary could have applied for a medical prescription to assist in the recovery from his back surgery. There are plenty of dispensaries in Ann Arbor for him to use. Before applying for your Michigan Medical Marihuana Card (for some reason they spell it with an H there), remember the NCAA has made its stance known on marihuana.

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