Henry Rollins (Ben Margot, AP)

Henry Rollins: “America will survive the legalization of cannabis” (video)

It’s long been known that punk rocker Henry Rollins is a literate, discerning, smartly cynical individual. The former Black Flag frontman is an outspoken advocate for a number of social issues, and now the pro-marijuana legalization collectives can count him among their flock.

Rollins was in Denver on 4/20 weekend to hit the Cannabis Cup and other pot-spots for a television show he’s creating. Since he was already here, he also gave a number of interviews and wrote a column for LA Weekly to talk about the need for the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana in America.

From his LA Weekly column, which published on May 1:

You never know, there may come a day when High Times magazine will have a Cannabis Cup event and hardly anyone will show up, because there won’t be a need for people to gather in a big-ass building so they can be free for a few hours. Considering what we have already inflicted upon ourselves, I think America will survive the legalization of cannabis.

But note: Rollins is no stoner.

He also talked with Cup creator High Times (seen in the above video) where he said, “I do not smoke marijuana, however I’m all for the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. I think we need to evolve on this issue now … I’m here in solidarity. I’m here in the spirit of fun. I’ve met nothing but friendly, nice people.”

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