Wiz Khalifa smokes plenty of pot, but does he know the difference between indicas and sativas? (Seth McConnell, The Denver Post)

Does Wiz Khalifa know the difference between indicas, sativas? (video)

We understand that the titular question above — Does Wiz Khalifa know the difference between indicas and sativas? — sounds a little ridiculous.

Khalifa is basically a Snoop in training, a veritable ganja ninja warrior, and surely the hitmaking MC knows the difference between indicas (strains that are considered downers) and sativas (strains that have more uplifting, energizing qualities). Or does he?

On a recent appearance on “Chelsea Lately” Khalifa told the show’s Denver-rooted guest host T.J. Miller that he prefers indicas. When Khalifa talked about how he’s now sponsored by a weed company and doesn’t have to buy marijuana anymore, Miller asks him what he smokes most often.

“It’s an indica,” Khalifa said in the video, above. “It wakes you up.”

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Miller is plenty familiar with indicas and the fact that they’re most often utilized for their couch-lock qualities. (“Indica = in-da-couch,” a friend once told me.) So Miller, clearly taken by surprise via Khalifa’s admission, asked: “So you like to bring it down rather than get it up and going?”

But Khalifa kept his course: “Indicas wake me up. I like to be really, really high.”

Do indicas have the opposite reaction on Khalifa than they do the rest of us? Or was Khalifa just really, really high during his “Chelsea Lately” spot? We’re guessing the latter.