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Gone Hemp: Daily Greens Hemp Milk a nutrient-packed concoction (review)

The story behind the  Daily Greens Hemp Milk company founder is hard to resist.

Shauna Martin was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 33. As part of Martin’s holistic approach to healing and recovery, this Texas mom turned to “green juice,” or the nutrient-rich, fruit- and vegetable-based smoothies touted for myriad health benefits.

Today Martin is cancer free and runs Daily Greens. Her company produces a selection of produce-packed juices as well as cold-pressed, refrigerated hemp seed milk that also contains blue-green algae, coconut nectar and guava. The businesswoman maintains that juicing is a “life-enriching habit and (she aspires to) spread the good word about drinking your vegetables,” according to the Daily Greens website.

But right away, Martin concedes that green juice – and by extension hemp milk – can be a tough sell for the uninitiated in part because, it is green. While Daily Greens Enlighten hemp milk smells much like other dairy alternatives such as soy milk, the flavor is less reminiscent of milk’s creamy come-across and more like what it is: liquefied produce.

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One of the first things newcomers may notice about a bottle of Daily Greens Hemp Milk on the shelf is that the concoction separates into a Rothko-esque stack with a thick, solid-looking layer of ingredients on the bottom and a khaki liquid in the center topped by a foamy residue. One friend plucked an unshaken bottle of Daily Greens Hemp Milk from the refrigerator, slammed back a gulp, and was stopped in his tracks by the drink’s thick texture: “Uh. Yeah. I’m not sure what I think of that!”

Alternately, a second tester, a woman on a very restricted diet, shook up the bottle and drank the whole thing for breakfast. “Great drink,” she reported. “I felt energized all day!”

Regular “juicers” will appreciate the layered fruit and vanilla notes in this hemp milk. Juicing newcomers, on the other hand, may struggle with its color, flavor and texture in spite of its vitamin- and protein-rich mix.

Daily Greens Enlighten hemp milk will be coming soon to Colorado, available this July for $8.99 exclusively at Whole Foods Market; Daily Greens Indulge chocolate hemp milk will be available in June at Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers for $5.99-$6.99. Shop online at drinkdailygreens.com.

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