This horse will run in the May 3 Kentucky Derby, where names for racehorses are as creative as strain names for cannabis. Can you tell the difference? Take our quiz. Find out this horse's name on the second page of this post — along with the answers. (Morry Gash, AP)

Quiz: Kentucky Derby contender or pot strain?

Below are 14 thoroughbred contenders for the 2014 Kentucky Derby — and 14 strains of cannabis.

Can you tell them apart — is Blue Moonshine a strain of marijuana or a Derby horse?

Give it a try, and do it before the Derby rocks Churchill Downs on May 3, 2014.

All answers are on the second page.

(Note: All of the horses in the quiz were on the official list of 26 contenders before it was cut to the final, race-day list of 20 horses.)

1. California Chrome

2. Wildcat Red

3. Mendocino Purps

4. Wicked Strong

5. Dynamite

6. Kaboom

7. Intense Holiday

8. Sunset Sherbert

9. Blue Moonshine

10. Wonder Haze

11. Harry’s Holiday

12. Big Bazinga

13. Danky Doodle

14. General A Rod

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15. Uncle Sigh

16. Mr. Nice

17. Samraat

18. Chitu

19. Buddha’s Sister

20. Candy Boy

21. Caramelicious

22. Romping Goddess

23. Hoppertunity

24. Cannatonic

25. Qrazy Train

26. Vinceremos

27. Pablo Del Monte

28. El Jefe

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