A scene from "Rolling Papers," a documentary on the marijuana journalism coming out of The Denver Post and The Cannabist. (Zack Armstrong)

First views from “Rolling Papers” documentary (video)

Here at The Cannabist we review rolling papers and also tell you about the documentary “Rolling Papers” — seriously.

It’s a little strange, too, because the documentary film is based on our staff — the full-time journalists and part-time freelancers covering marijuana at The Denver Post and The Cannabist.

After we first wrote about “Rolling Papers,” many of you asked us to let you know when it comes out. And while its release date is in the somewhat distant future, we can share with you the first footage the independent documentary team has released of the film.

The footage, compiled by the team for their fundraising Kickstarter campaign that runs through June 3, will certainly give you an idea of the film’s feel and look.

So can you spot my colleagues in the above video? Pot critic Jake Browne? Post writers John Ingold and Eric Gorski? Cannabist photographer Ry Prichard? Post editor Greg Moore? Pot and parenting columnist Brittany Driver?