Dixie Longate is the star of the Denver Center's "Dixie's Tupperware Party," which closes 4/20 weekend, and "Dixie's Never Wear a Tube Top While Riding a Mechanical Bull and 16 Other Things I Learned While I was Drinking Last Thursday," which runs April 24-May 11. (Bradford Rogne)

Tupperware: “You can put your weed in there,” says Dixie Longate

While talking with Dixie Longate, her stilted southern drawl elongating every vowel, it’s hard to not think back to the “Saturday Night Live” skits of yore where mile-high antique shop employees tell their customers, “You can put your weeeeeed in there,” while handling seemingly priceless African pieces.

“It’s funny,” said Longate, a.k.a. cross-dressing comedian Kris Andersson, a legitimate Tupperware salesperson and actor. “I’ve been all over the world, in five different countries, and never have I had so many people come up to me and say, ‘I have so many questions on where to put my marijuana.’

“You know what? Tupperware is perfect for that, because we have the liquid-tight seal and it won’t get all humidities and all nasty.”

Longate’s show “Dixie’s Tupperware Party,” which closes at the Denver Center’s Garner Galleria Theatre on 4/20 weekend, is a hilarious mash-up of performance art and consumer marketing. And while her next show, “Dixie’s Never Wear a Tube Top While Riding a Mechanical Bull and 16 Other Things I Learned While I was Drinking Last Thursday,” runs April 24-May 11 in the same theater, Longate will surely continue fielding questions about marijuana storage from her many fans in Colorado.

“A woman told me years ago that she and her husband were smoking a lot, but then they had a child and so they stopped and put (their weed) in a Tupperware container and put that in the closet,” Longate said earlier this week. “Years went by, and they were pulling linens out of the closet to send with their child to college and they came across the old Tupperware. At first they didn’t remember what was in it. And then she opened it, and she got a contact high.

“The stuff was still good!”

Longate has certainly been known to exaggerate. But she’s telling the truth, we think, when she talks about her No. 1 selling item — and its relation to marijuana storage.

(Dixie Longate)
(Dixie Longate)

“In the show, I have these little keychains that are attached to little bowls with an airtight seal,” Longate said. “It’s the perfect place to put your Goldfish crackers and marijuana, and it makes for a perfect salad for lunch.

“Those little keychain bowls, they sell better than anything we have. We’ve had to reorder them three different times since we’ve been here. And we’ve only been here three weeks. Every order is 150 of these little bowls. And that’s how fast we keep going through them. We ran out of them on the matinee the other day and I was telling the people, “It’s all up to the FedEx man, and he’s a bit slower these days what with the new laws and all.”