A chip of shatter hash made using "BHO" butane hash oil extraction. (Joe Amon, Denver Post file)

Bills on concentrates, edibles move forward in Colorado House

A Colorado House bill that would establish equivalences between marijuana that comes from plants and marijuana concentrates in retail products passed through committee Tuesday.

Another bill that deals with edible pot products also has been brought forward. Both measures come in the wake of deaths that have occurred after the ingestion of marijuana products.

“Every passing day, every passing news story tells us that we have to do something about both because the public’s safety is being harmed,” said Rep. Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch, the sponsor of the concentrates bill.

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McNulty’s bill would require the Colorado Department of Revenue to address how much marijuana concentrate can be sold by a licensed business. Current law limits sales of marijuana from plants to one ounce, however it does not address how much concentrate can be sold.

“At least this will give us some level of equivalency with flower plants,” said McNulty, who added the bill will cost about $100,000 to implement.

McNulty’s bill will next be heard by the House Appropriations Committee. The edible marijuana bill is expected to go straight to the floor for debate.

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