(Provided by Duluth Trading Co.)

Gone Hemp: This cozy yet tough shirt could become your fave (review)

I threw on Duluth Trading Co.’s Artisan Hemp Work Shirt almost as soon as it arrived in the mail — my first piece of hemp clothing.

This shirt is actually 55 percent hemp and 45 percent organic cotton. I was drawn to its light-heather-green pinstripe and the breathable, linen-like texture of the fabric.

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At $49.50, this shirt should have some bells and whistles, and it does. I was already wearing the shirt when I begin to notice such details as button-front patch pockets and denim-lined yoke and cuffs. Both particulars lend sturdiness and style. I further realized the great functionality of additional design details like underarm gussets and back-panel pleats after picking up a shovel for a round of spring garden clean-up.

Later, I was still in the shirt when an afternoon spent pulling weeds and turning soil demanded a twilight nap on the couch. This is how I learned that for all this shirt’s distinctions, it was not meant to be pajamas. Best suited for layering, this hemp-mix fabric is not as soft as, say, a 100 percent cotton T-shirt. And it will wrinkle, although a few creases actually give the shirt an easy-going, beach- or picnic-ready look.

The makers tout the Artisan Hemp Work Shirt as a good introduction to hemp clothing, and I agree. Its casual style, detailed construction and promise of durability make it difficult to own just one of these shirts.

Duluth Trading Co.’s Artisan Hemp Work Shirt comes in light, striped navy, teal or fuchsia. Survey all of this store’s work- and garden-friendly apparel at duluthtrading.com.