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Space weed? NASA scientist becomes pot-growing adviser for Denver Relief

Denver Relief hires NASA scientist as pot-growing advisor
Neil Yorio (Provided by Denver Relief)

Marijuana consulting firm Denver Relief Consulting has hired a former NASA scientist to help develop state-of-the-art practices for growing cannabis.

Neil Yorio formerly served as a researcher for NASA’s bioregenerative life support systems, a project aimed at keeping astronauts alive for long-duration space missions. Yorio specialized in lighting technologies.

Denver Relief operates a medical marijuana dispensary and provides consulting services to the cannabis industry.

“With the tremendous expansion of this industry over the course of the past year and the expectation that it is only going to keep growing, we need to start taking a hard look at energy consumption and how we can reduce the impact commercial cannabis production has on our environment,” Denver Relief founding partner Kayvan Khalatbari said in a statement.

“Bringing in a former NASA researcher who has already been working toward this goal is a massive addition to our team, as well as those of our clients throughout the country,” Khalatbari said.

Yorio will serve as technology adviser to Denver Relief.

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