Some marijuana stocks are doing just fine, according to this infographic by Joint Industries. (Courtesy Joint Industries)

Marijuana stocks: Turning a $100 investment into nearly $2,000

Not all marijuana stocks are created equally. The penny stocks that dominate the industry are plentiful, and some of them are becoming dime stocks — or something more substantial.

While dime stocks might not sound like much, imagine paying a half a cent for a stock and it jumping to more than 10 cents in less than two months.

The folks at cannabis business site Joint Industries had fun with some of the real-life performances of 17 different cannabis stocks, as seen in the above infographic that plays with the hypothetical: “Say you invested $100 on Jan. 1 — how much would it be worth now?” While some of these stocks, such as Medbox (MDBX), show significant growth and cost $30 a share and more, others, including Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX), are just starting to grow at 10 cents apiece.

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We talked with Joint Industries’ John Tommervik about his research on marijuana stocks:

Cannabist: Joint Industries is a business-of-cannabis site, but is it pro- or anti-marijuana legalization?

Tommervik: Joint Industries is not necessarily pro or against but is supportive of the industry — if that makes sense. I myself am for legalization and the industry, but at the same time if I have something that is negative to feature and report I will have no problem reporting it. In doing so, I hope that it will only bring to light to something that can improve and benefit the industry as a whole.

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Cannabist: When you get up to HEMP and FITX in the graphic, there’s some pretty mad growth there. Were you surprised to see those numbers as you were doing the research?

Tommervik: I have been following marijuana stocks for a while now, so I was not as surprised. In fact, with some of the stocks I was a little surprised the growth wasn’t larger. As with FITX, that stock was trading at around a half a penny on the 2nd of January and has since gone up to 11 cents and is getting a lot of exposure — especially with and I heard Forbes mentioned them.

Cannabist: Seeing 10x or even 18x growth in six weeks in intense, but there are also plenty of marijuana stocks that have yet to produce returns. Can you talk about one of them?

Tommervik: I wish I could talk about the marijuana stocks that have not produced returns, but off hand I cannot think of even one — and I have been following around 40 marijuana stocks. Like you wrote, it’s intense. A lot of green.

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Cannabist: In terms of what works and what doesn’t, is there an underlying trend here that you see in these numbers?

Tommervik: There is no real underlying trend. But a lot of the returns have been based on hype. But it’s not hype without merit. Especially with the feds beginning to “endorse” the industry in a sense — especially with the most recent banking news. At the same time, I don’t believe the hype will go away. There are so many catalysts with Washington state opening its doors and upcoming elections.

Cannabist: What’s your advice to people who are considering investing in this industry?

Tommervik: If you are interested in investing in the industry, pay $42 bucks a month and sign up to the 420 Investor, hosted by Alan Brochstein. It’s worth the money, and the info and community is invaluable.