Shelby the Hemp Mouse cat toy (Provided by From the Field)

Gone Hemp: Shelby the Hemp Mouse cat toy (review)

Gone Hemp: Shelby the Hemp Mouse

Available for about $11.50 from, or find a nearby pet boutique at

Ted’s parents entertain guests for more than two hours before the 3-year-old, all-black kitty with piercing yellow eyes decides to join the group. She appears with a slow-motion stride across the kitchen floor, her tail snaking this way and that as though it were an altogether separate animal.

“She’s really more of a dog than a cat,” Mom beams. Proud and playful — that’s her Ted.
She’s also a happy hunting cat, Dad adds. Ted regularly deposits dead mice just outside the backdoor of their foothills home.

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Then Shelby the Hemp Mouse is introduced to Ted’s floor, and all at once this soft, slinky pet transforms into a huntress.

She swiftly sidles up to her prey, which is an all-natural cat toy made from durable hemp fabric and organic catnip by the Washington-based pet product company From the Field. Even Shelby’s little face is painted on with non-toxic food colorant.

Ted paws the toy once, bats it twice, then wrangles it with all four mitts, sniffing and chewing her way along the entirety of the little mouse pillow before thoroughly gnawing on its rope tail. Ted’s pink collar bell chimes with vigor as she hugs Shelby like a long-lost lover, rolling back and forth on the hardwood as if this were a feline/mouse version of the “From Here to Eternity” beach scene.

One thing is certain: Shelby is going nowhere. This hemp mouse has been claimed by a feisty Colorado housecat who knows a great cat toy when she sees it.