West Flanders Brewing's new (and timely) brew, Recreational Smoke. Provided by West Flanders Brewing.

30 cents per ounce: “Can I pour you a Recreational Smoke?” (Yep, it’s beer.)

The folks at Boulder-based West Flanders Brewing are up on their current events.

“Since we opened last year,” said West Flanders head brewer Brian Lutz in press materials, “many of our customers have told us they wanted to be able to enjoy Recreational Smoke here at our brewpub. In light of recent events, we decided the time was right for us to make that happen.”

Yes, their kind of Recreational Smoke is a beer — and they’re serving it up at their Boulder brewery (1125 Pearl St.).

Their description of the brew makes the mouth water: “A homegrown, fully legal, American-style porter, Recreational Smoke is enhanced with beechwood smoked malts from Bamburg, Germany. These specialty grains are paired with an array of other baked and toasted malts to create a unique beer with notes of chocolate, brownies and satisfying smoked flavors throughout. All rolled up in a heady beer with a mellow 6% ABV.”

They obviously had some fun with the press release, noting that the beer retails for “30 cents per ounce. West Flanders customers are allowed to purchase up to 16 ounces of the beer at a time … Out-of-state visitors can legally purchase West Flanders’ Recreational Smoke.” They also talk about the “wide array of delicious edibles (from Chef Tony Hessel) for those who partake of Recreational Smoke.”

We get it. But in case you haven’t had enough:

“If you’re traveling here by plane to enjoy it,” said West Flanders co-founder Mark Heinritz, “be aware that Recreational Smoke is not permitted on the property at Denver International Airport. Possession of it there can get you into serious trouble … We also want to remind our customers, that it’s still illegal to consume Recreational Smoke in public here in Boulder or anywhere else in Colorado.”

Sound familiar?