The city of Denver's marijuana website.

Denver creates a marijuana website? Sure, ‘cos it’s “a really confusing topic”

Have questions about marijuana? The city of Denver is hoping to have that covered after it launched an informational website Dec. 9.

The site is simple in construction and serves to answer frequently asked questions such as “Is it illegal to drive high?” and “Is it illegal to consume marijuana in public?” The answer to both questions is yes, by the way.

The city’s marketing office put the site together after embarking on the endeavor in late October.

“The goal was to provide clarity, and I think the site does that,” said Sarah Kurz, director of strategic marketing for Denver.

Kurz said her office met with several outside groups such as Denver Public Schools, Denver Health and AAA Colorado to determine what questions should be answered on the site. She said all the groups were insistent that the information needed to be out there as soon as possible.

“All the groups were united behind the idea that we needed to get the facts out there as quickly as possible about what is not allowed,” she said. “There’s a lot of misinformation out there. It’s a really confusing topic.”

The site is broken down into four categories, including residents and visitors, parents and neighbors, business and property owners, and marijuana retailers and home growers. Questions are catered to each group.

Another page has informational fliers and notecards available for printing. Kurz said the city plans to distribute them to recreational marijuana retailers as they open. The city is asking owners to place a poster with six facts about what is not allowed concerning marijuana and also distribute postcards to customers.

She said the city has been asking owners at their licensing hearings and most have been receptive.

“For those who are going to be purchasing it legally, we want them to understand the basics on what the law does and does not allow,” Kurz said.

The city has no plans to distribute posters to anyone else, but they are available for print on the site.

The Downtown Denver Partnership will be placing six of the posters throughout the mall near transit stops in January. A seventh fact will be added that states “it is illegal to display or transfer marijuana on the 16th Street Mall.”

“We are doing our best to put up signs along the mall in several highly visible locations near transit,” said Brittany Morris Saunders, vice president of public affairs for the Downtown Denver Partnership.

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