Hector Diaz is shown wearing a DEA baseball cap and holding up two authentic-looking semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, one in each hand. Diaz also appears to have two additional handguns stuck inside the front of his pants.

Colombian pleads not guilty on weapons charge

DENVER—A Colombian national has pleaded not guilty in Denver federal court to a weapons charge after his arrest during raids on medical marijuana businesses.

Hector Diaz is charged with possession of a firearm while in the U.S. on a business or tourism visa. He entered his plea Thursday and was scheduled to be released on $25,000 bond.

He was ordered to stay away from at least two medical marijuana businesses as a condition of bail. Authorities haven’t said why.

Diaz is the only person known to have been arrested during the Nov. 21 raids on more than a dozen sites, most of them related to Denver and Boulder medical marijuana businesses.

Prosecutors haven’t said whether Diaz is linked to the pot investigation or disclosed the reasons for the raids.

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