How much has Colorado made in pot taxes, fees in the first three months of legal sales? (Ed Andrieski, AP)

How much did Colorado make in pot taxes in Jan.-March ’14?

Colorado’s recreational pot sales jumped nearly a third in March. That’s according to sales tax reports issued by the state Thursday.

The state Department of Revenue says that Colorado sold nearly $19 million worth of recreational pot in March, up from about $14 million worth of recreational pot in February.

Through three months of retail recreational pot, Colorado has earned $7.3 million in recreational pot taxes. That figure does not include medical marijuana sales taxes or licensing fees, which bring Colorado’s haul to about $12.6 million.

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Just this week, state lawmakers approved a plan to spend marijuana taxes, mostly on child drug use prevention and outreach. The $33 million plan includes money for more school nurses and public education on using marijuana responsibly.

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