TV's May sweeps: Time to bust out the weed coverage

TV’s May sweeps: Time to bust out the weed coverage

Expect plenty of marijuana coverage from all major Denver TV news outlets for the May sweeps period. Because Colorado is the center of the recreational pot universe, it’s a natural. The depth of coverage, or lack thereof, will offer insight into each local news shop.

California dispensary Harborside Health Center

For first time, California may regulate its medical marijuana industry

A California lawmaker has introduced legislation to regulate the state’s freewheeling medical marijuana industry — the farmers who grow the drug, the hundreds of storefront shops that sell it and especially the doctors who write recommendations allowing people to use it.

marijuana mold

Marijuana contaminants come under microscope

WEST HAVEN, Conn. — The microscope at the University of New Haven, set at 10-times magnification, shows a marijuana leaf covered with dozens of tiny bumps.