The Cannabist Gift Guide for 2015 has an array of weed gifts for any budget. (Images provided by the manufacturers)

Cannabist 2015 Gift Guide: 20 ideas that are smokin’ hot for the holidays


Cannador, $139

There’s no need to hide this stash box that’s as sleek as it is effective. The Cannador’s airtight design controls humidity at the perfect ratio for optimal freshness and taste while also protecting flower from damaging UV light. We prefer the 2-strain size to store one indica and one sativa with a deep drawer for accessories — all under lock and key. Available in cherry or walnut veneer with a mahogany lining.


Haze Dual V3, $249.99

Touted as “the world’s first dual-chamber vaporizer” it’s also the first smoking device to snag a coveted spot in the official Academy Awards nominee gift bags in 2015. It’s getting gifted again to all Oscar contenders come February and works with flower, oil and wax.


The Stoner’s Coloring Book, $14.99

After raising over $10,000 on Kickstarter this summer, the Stoner’s Coloring Book has just arrived to revisit your favorite childhood activity over Christmas break. Nine artists contributed to its mind-melting and psychedelic illustrations — each on a single-sided page that’s perforated to show off on your fridge.


House of Marley Chant Mini, $49.99

Channel Bob and island vibes anywhere with this bongo shaped portable speaker, crafted with bamboo detailing, exclusive Rewind™ fabric and recyclable aluminum. It’s Bluetooth compatible and packs impressive audio quality.


Colorado High Hemp Vodka, $27

Like to give bottles of booze as gifts? This time go with vodka fermented and distilled with real hemp. Crafted at 11,000 feet at Colorado Gold Distillery, it’s smooth, mellow and pairs perfectly with any strain.
Shop: Westminster Total Beverage, and Colorado High Hemp Vodka on Facebook

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