Martha Stewart's DIY skills also include joint rolling. Here, she poses with her new book during the New York City Wine & Food Festival on Oct. 18, 2014. (Rob Kim, Getty Images for NYCWFF)

15 famous marijuana moms

15 famous marijuana moms
Actress Megan Fox (Andreas Rentz, Getty Images for Paramount Pictures International)

6. Ms. Fox

Sultry starlet Megan Fox, well known for her roles in “Transformers” and “Jennifer’s Body,” is infamous for giving fairly candid interviews. She doesn’t mind using a swear word or five. When asked about America’s drug war, she spoke openly in a 2009 interview with British GQ:

“It’s all propaganda. I can’t tell you how much bullshit I’ve been through because I will openly say that I smoke weed… People look at it like it’s this crazy, hippy, fucked-up thing to do. And it’s not! I hope they legalise it and when they do I’ll be the first fucking person in line to buy my pack of joints.”

Well, all righty then, Megan.

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7. Ms. Streisand

Barbra Streisand simply could not be any more famous. Her extensive résumé and widely celebrated singing and acting career spans decades. Her talent is indisputable. But did you know that she used to smoke weed — publicly, on stage?! As in, “Hi there, I’m Barbra Streisand, I’m going to talk to you about pot and basically smoke a joint.”

Read along with Exhibit A as you listen to Exhibit B, a recording of her live performance in April 1972 at The Forum in Southern California. And if you still have doubts — check out this 1971 interview Babs did with Rolling Stone.

8. Ms. McDormand

Most stoners will recognize Frances McDormand for her work in “Almost Famous” or “Fargo.” Both have gained cult-movie status and McDormand shines as a mother in both roles. In an interview with High Times in 2003, Frances explains her thoughts on recreational and medical marijuana:

“I’m a recreational pot-smoker. Because it’s not a constant in my life, I don’t say it should be made legal so it’s more available. But from a medical point of view — I have friends who need to use it — why should they have to look too hard for the thing that makes them better? So from that point of view, it’s like, ‘Please, what is the problem?’”

9. Ms. Morissette

Audiences at large were introduced to Alanis Morissette via the 1980’s television show, “You Can’t Do That On Television.” The shortly shorn teen from those days evolved into a long-haired, don’t-care pop icon whose third album, “Jagged Little Pill,” took the mid-’90s by the balls (can I say “balls”?). Morissette spoke honestly about pot with High Times in 2009:

“As an artist, there’s a sweet, jump-starting quality to it for me. I’ve often felt telepathic and receptive to inexplicable messages my whole life. I can stave those off when I’m not high. When I’m high – well, they come in and there’s less of a veil, so to speak.”

10. Ms. Palin

Recently, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin made headlines in her home state when an argument in a bar turned into an all-out family brawl. In 2008, Palin made headlines of a different kind when she was announced as the running mate of presidential candidate John McCain. A politician’s rise to prominence typically includes a dive into their personal life. Two years prior, in 2006, Palin was quoted by the Anchorage Daily News,

“I can’t claim a Bill Clinton and say that I never inhaled.”

Lots of news sources, like CBS News, Reason, Time, The Atlantic and others have cited this article; however, the post appears to have been removed from the Anchorage Daily News (now Alaska Dispatch News) website.

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15 famous marijuana moms
Singer Lily Allen (Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images)

11. Ms. Allen

You know about Lily Allen, the British pop sensation, right? I recall hearing her accent on the airwaves, schooling me on letting boys go when they treat you badly. A few years later she released the continuation of her love life with “It’s Not Fair” (a personal favorite). Now married and mum to two little ones, Allen’s back on the music scene with a different kind of anthem (plus a fun video highlighting the Glastonbury Festival in the UK).

In the biography “Smile: Lily Allen” by Bella Wolfson, Allen is quoted as saying:

“I smoked my first spliff when I was 15. (Mum’s) a busybody, and I hated that when I was younger, and I smoked a lot of weed.”

If her recent fashion choices are any indication, Lily is still rolling spliffs today.

12. Ms. Victoria

Queen Victoria was a mama nine times over. No matter that her cousin was her husband and the father of her children in the mid 1800s. There is an entire era named after her — the Victorian Era — and to this day she remains the longest ruling British Monarch. Author Richard Miller documents Queen V’s involvement with cannabis in his book “Drugged”:

The medicinal uses of cannabis were taken very seriously and endorsed by authorities such as the Lancet […] Even Queen Victoria was prescribed tincture of cannabis. It is believed she was amused (perhaps very amused).

13. Ms. Rivers

Joan Rivers is a rule breaker, no one could argue against that. The late comedian broke ground and caused controversy in the 1960s with her jokes about feminist issues, including abortion (back in the day when it was still mostly illegal) and broke the mold by being the first female late-night talk show host. Women may not realize it, but we owe a lot to Rivers’ ability to crush boundaries under her high heel.

In an episode of reality TV show “Joan and Melissa,” Rivers got stoned with a gal pal. When discussing the moment with daughter Melissa and fellow entertainer Jane Lynch on CNN, Rivers said,

“Would I do it again? No, because you eat.”

We’ll have a toke (and some munchies) for you instead, Joanie.

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14. Ms. Etheridge

In June of this year, musician and mom of four Melissa Etheridge released a statement making a plea to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to legalize cannabis. A breast cancer survivor herself, Etheridge had the opportunity to use medical marijuana to soothe the side effects of her treatment. Now she wants to help others attain the same rights — she even had a booth set up at an Albany concert to help supporters sign petitions relevant to the cause. In an opinion piece for CNN in August 2013, Etheridge says of the herb,

“I have been a medicinal marijuana smoker for nine years now. I find relief from the gastrointestinal effects of the chemo even now. I find it helps with regulating my sleep. I also enjoy it before I watch “Game of Thrones.”

If you need to smoke marijuana, Melissa Etheridge wants to help you do that.

15. Ms. Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is a comedian, actress and a boundary breaker as a host for ABC daytime staple “The View,” and yes, she also partakes. Whoopi made her thoughts on medical marijuana perfectly clear earlier this year in her columns for The Cannabist. Her preferred method of ingestion is her “mostly private” vape pen — she calls it Sippy — which helps ease the painful headaches she suffers as a result of glaucoma. She detailed the sensation in her debut Cannabist column:

The high is different, too. It feels like a gentle, warm breeze at the beach. It’s like someone undoing a vise grip, very slowly. It’s not overpowering — and I’m certainly not looking for that high high. I’m looking for relief.

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