Medicinal Oasis looks a bit wacky on the outside, but inside the bud room is well-organized. (The Cannabist)

Medicinal Oasis (recreational review by The Ombudsman)

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Out of all the choices, the Sour Diesel definitely stuck out the most, though it didn’t look quite as well-preserved and frosty as the Whiteberry did. I love a good Sour D and haven’t had one in some time, so I had to go with it. Priced at $20 per gram and $50 per eighth, the Connoisseur-grade Sour Diesel was weighed out and bagged up while I dug in my wallet for cash. Finding I only had $10, I turned toward the ATM, which was located behind me –- “OUT OF ORDER”. I learned they actually have another ATM in the reception area, which was also out of order. This was surely a temporary situation, but I was now faced with the prospect of having to go across the street to a Walgreens to use their ATM.

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A gram of Sour Diesel from Medicinal Oasis (The Cannabist)

After literally running across the street to avoid being plastered all over Evans by the speeding cars, I returned to my gram of Sour Diesel, which the staff had held onto for me. The total was $24.22 including tax, but tacking on the $3 ATM fee brought my total damage to $27.22, which is pretty ludicrous for a gram of cannabis. But such is life in the recreational market; at least I was able to purchase a gram and wasn’t forced into an eighth or a pre-rolled joint.

I ended up holding onto the Sour Diesel for a couple of days before I got a chance to try it. The white-and-green child-resistantStinkSack” plastic bag held a smaller plastic bag inside it that actually contained the buds. Despite this double packaging, the acrid and pungent fragrance of the Sour Diesel managed to sneak through, making practically any room I entered smell like rubber and skunks. I opted to roll the gram into a single slim cone joint, using a jumbo RAW organic paper and a crutch. The bud seemed to be nicely dried and cured, as the stem snapped and the flowers broke down between the fingers, though I opted to use a grinder. Immediately as I snapped into the bud, the aggressive smell again smacked me in the face; this was truly a well-done Sour Diesel.

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I lit up the joint after a pleasing dry hit and got a moderately clean and strong fuel-citrus-garlic type of flavor, which left a strong aftertaste as well. It wasn’t as direct and mouth-watering as some of the best Sour Diesel I’ve had in my lifetime, but it was definitely enjoyable and burned well. It left a white ash but did irritate my throat slightly; I found myself clearing my throat for a few minutes after smoking, though it wasn’t too bothersome. The Diesel didn’t hit me as strongly as I had expected but still gave me a solid energy boost and helped keep my heavy eyelids from falling for a few more hours after a long workday. The requisite eye and forehead pressure that the strain is known for was definitely present, but overall it felt functional and smooth.

The lowdown

The crazy-busy neighborhood is a mixed blessing — easy to get to but can be parking-challenged. Medicinal Oasis has a strange decor, but the interior is well-done and inviting overall. I really liked the laid-back service style, though I can see some customers being annoyed with the lack of a personal budtender. The selection of strains on offer was larger than any of the other shops that I’ve reviewed so far by a substantial margin, though they did not have any concentrates for sale aside from water hash and CO2 vape pen units. The prices were in line with what I have seen at most rec shops, but are still hard to stomach for this former red card holder. The buds were mostly average, with a few standout selections, and my Sour Diesel smoked well enough. Having to run across the street to get the cash required to pay for my weed was not ideal, but I won’t hold that against Medicinal Oasis, as banking woes are par for the course in this industry and they are certainly trying their best to make shopping convenient and easy despite these troubles. In all, I was impressed and thought it was a well-run shop that did not lack in any particular area; well worth a stop if you are in the area.
The must-try: Their connoisseur-shelf Sour Diesel goes for $20 per gram or $50 per eighth and took me back to the early Colorado dispensary days when super stinky Sour D was everywhere.
The lasting impression: The oddball tropical-vacation exterior was misleading — this is a serious-minded dispensary with a well-trained staff and no major flaws.