Employment law vs. legalization

Colorado employees and employers are caught in a legal tug-of-war between Colorado state laws that say medical and recreational marijuana is legal, and the federal laws that still prohibit it. This raises many difficult questions, both for working professionals and for employers.

Colorado's MED pot enforcers vow more action

Colorado’s marijuana regulators vow to step up enforcement

The state agency overseeing Colorado’s historic experiment in marijuana legalization is adding enforcement agents, data analysis and undercover operatives — steps officials say will help them better hold businesses accountable.

Colorado 4/20 events guide

UPDATED: 47 ways to party in Colorado on 4/20 in 2014

So what’s happening on 4/20 in Colorado? A lot — so much that you might need this handy Colorado 4/20 guide. We’ve been keeping a running list of happenings, and we’ll keep this updated.

Cannabist Q&A: seeds, outdoor gardening, rec purchase woes

Cannabist Q&A: seeds, outdoor gardening, rec shopping woes

Readers have marijuana questions, and here are answers. In this installment, topics include buying seeds in Colorado, when is good time to start growing outdoors and a disappointing recreational shopping experience.

Agent Orange marijuana review, Strain Theory

Agent Orange (marijuana review)

People are always asking for recommendations for good daytime smoke that won’t knock them out, and Agent Orange definitely delivers in that regard. “As we stepped into the coffee shop equivalent of the feminist bookstore in ‘Portlandia,’ I knew two things: we were in Boulder and I wasn’t nearly high enough.”

Congress yawns at Colorado delegation's marijuana banking bill

Congress says “meh” to marijuana banking bill

As cannabis workers carry cash by the briefcase throughout Colorado, the lack of interest in Washington suggests that federal legislation to green-light banking practices for the marijuana industry is headed nowhere fast.

Chef Tom Coohill doesn't drug test his employees because if he did, "I wouldn’t have any employees – including myself." (Via Coohills)

Denver chef Tom Coohill talks pot in workplace, rock club, bedroom

Denver chef Tom Coohill is talking about it all. Having sex while high. Cooking while stoned. Understanding prog rock band Rush more thoroughly via chemistry. No topic is taboo as Coohill sits in his popular LoDo restaurant’s fashionable bar listening to Radiohead and sipping on a pint.

Edible review: Cheeba Chews

Edibles review: Cheeba Chews CBD lends some TLC

This edible has a higher level of cannabidiol for pain relief without the “high” feeling. “My hopes for this experience were fairly reasonable. My checklist: the edible must be edible; it needs to kick in within a sensible amount of time; and it should actually target my lower back pain.”

St. Patrick's weekend events

Pot o’ gold: 10 events for a stoney St. Pat’s weekend

Of course there’s the parade, and many other things to do, including conventional stuff (kegs and eggs) — and extremely unconventional (dream interpretation?) “Would you believe me if I said the parade is the least exciting thing going on this weekend?”

Club Ned private marijuana club preparing to open

Nederland pot club to open in a few weeks

Club Ned is set to be the only cannabis cafe — a private club where members can go to smoke marijuana — in Boulder County when it opens sometime in the next few weeks.

Colorado businesses cleaning up “stoner” image to appeal to mainstream

Curiosity alone may not be enough to recast the marketing image of pot consumers as connoisseurs rather than loopy stoners, advertising pros say. And while pot businesses may want to attract a wider range of consumers, they can’t afford to offend their existing customer base.

"Colorado Pot Rush" a balanced Harry Smith CNBC documentary

“Colorado Pot Rush” has motherlode of info, views

NBC News contributor Harry Smith returns to his old Colorado stomping grounds to lead a proper tour of the local pot industry. “Marijuana in America: Colorado Pot Rush,” premieres Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. MST on CNBC. It’s either the end of Prohibition II or the beginning of a dangerous social experiment. Viewers will decide.

New details emerge on Colorado marijuana operators raided by feds

Colorado raids: New details emerge

The federal government has identified a dozen people in the ongoing investigation stemming from November raids on Colorado medical marijuana businesses. All but one is connected to a chain of five medical marijuana dispensaries and about a half-dozen marijuana grows controlled by Gerardo Uribe, his relatives or associates, records show.

Medical marijuana gaining traction in Deep South

Medical marijuana gains traction in Deep South

This year, powerful GOP lawmakers in Georgia and Alabama are putting their weight behind bills that would allow for the limited use of cannabis oil by those with specific medical conditions. The key to swaying the hearts of conservative lawmakers has been the stories of children suffering up to 100 seizures a day whose parents say they could benefit from access to cannabidiol (CBD), which would be administered orally in a liquid form.

A satire online article tricked many readers into thinking Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper wanted to free convicts charged with marijuana crimes. (Andy Cross, Denver Post file)

Stoned driving cases in Colorado tough to track

There is currently no comprehensive way to track instances of marijuana-impaired driving in Colorado. Such cases are charged in court under the same law as alcohol-impaired driving cases, meaning the two can’t be separated in judicial data.

Longmont medical marijuana patients won't lose housing benefits

Longmont medical marijuana patients won’t lose housing benefits

Longmont resident Ashley Weber learned on Thursday that she won’t lose her home because she uses medical marijuana to treat pain and spasticity she suffers as a quadriplegic. Under a new policy, Longmont Housing Authority officials will look at individual cases regarding both medical and recreational marijuana.

Reggae icon Bob Marley's birthday is Feb. 6, and Denver reggae bands are ready. (Photo from Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom)

Reggae world wakes up to new weed reality

In honor of reggae great Bob Marley’s birthday on Thursday, (he would have been 69), we caught up with some local and national reggae bands to ask if Colorado’s legalization has affected their work and art, and what’s next in this new weed reality.