Denver recall for TruCannabis products over pot pesticide concerns

Two Denver marijuana cultivation facilities voluntarily recalled a wide-ranging group of products Wednesday because of pesticide residues. The products tested positive for three pesticides the state says cannot be used to grow marijuana.

Tighter regs proposed for pesticides used on Colorado pot

Colorado regulators have proposed rules that would further restrict which pesticides can be used to grow marijuana to those that are least harmful and are already allowed on crops intended for human consumption and tobacco.

Deep dive: Why Colorado has struggled to regulate pot pesticides

State regulators have known since 2012 that marijuana was grown with potentially dangerous pesticides, but pressure from the industry and lack of guidance from federal authorities delayed their efforts to enact regulations, and they ultimately landed on a less restrictive approach than originally envisioned.

Aspen Filmfest: Pot documentary ‘Rolling Papers’ screens Sept. 26

One group of Denver-based filmmakers stayed on the story of Colorado recreational marijuana sales for a full year, following the staffers at The Denver Post as it became pot’s paper of record. The resulting feature-length documentary, “Rolling Papers,” screens Saturday at Aspen Filmfest.

Mark Twain San Francisco

Mark Twain’s 1865 hashish escapade inspires revisit

An 1865 San Francisco newspaper report of author Mark Twain’s ‘Hasheesh mania’ recalls high times not unlike today. Exactly 150 years later, well-appointed dispensaries and a vast array of concentrates have given new meaning to the Gold Rush.

Extracts company Mahatma to start testing pot for pesticides

Extracts company Mahatma to start testing pot for pesticides

After Denver Post lab tests last week found residual amounts of non-approved pesticide chemicals in concentrated marijuana products made by Mahatma Concentrates, the Denver company has started to test the cannabis it takes in from other pot companies, according to Mahatma leadership.

Colorado launches pesticide probes on two marijuana businesses

State agriculture officials have opened an investigation into a marijuana grow operation named in a report by The Denver Post about pesticide residues, and confirmed a second business named in the story was already under scrutiny.

Chocolope (marijuana review)

A sativa-dominant combination of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, Chocolope is just weird enough to exist, the kind of strain only a stoner could love.

"Hempies" applaud legalization's first outdoor harvest in Colorado

Colorado “hempies” celebrating harvest time

Hemp farmers and activists plan to mark Colorado’s first legal outdoor hemp harvest with special events across the Front Range, including the Colorado Hemp Project Harvest Party in Sterling and a two-day event on a Boulder County farm.

Hemp cabin in Colo. high country to showcase the plant's possibilities

Hemp cabin in Colo. high country to showcase the plant’s possibilities

Melissa Rabe was already interested in the applications and benefits of industrial hemp two years ago when the High Park Fire charred more than 87,000 acres and 250 homes in the mountains west of Fort Collins, including a 40-year-old cabin that her good friend had built by hand.

Food inspections flag health threats in edible marijuana products

Surprise health inspections for Denver makers of pot edibles

Food safety inspections of businesses that manufacture and sell marijuana edibles in Denver have found products that should be refrigerated sitting out on shelves and preparation methods insufficient to kill bacteria that can cause serious food-borne illness.

The cast from HBO's "Girls." (Ali Goldstein)

“Broad City” and “Girls” — one of these things is not like the other

Ever since its April 2012 premiere on HBO, coastal tastemakers have hyped “Girls” for its realistic depiction of twenty-something women trying to survive in New York City. The show’s creator, Lena Dunham, has been dubbed “the voice of a generation” — often by critics a generation or more older.