The Green Solution - Grape St. (recreational review by The Ombudsman)

The Green Solution – Grape St. (rec review by The Ombudsman)

The Green Solution’s Grape Street location is visited by Cannabist shop critic The Ombudsman for a recreational purchase: “Even though the reception area was nice enough, it definitely did not prepare me for the uber-slick and professional presentation that oozed from every pore of this store.”

Colorado marijuana regulators switching sides to work for industry

Colo. marijuana regulators reverse roles, join industry

At least three influential officials at the state agency that regulates marijuana business have found work doing cannabis industry consulting after leaving the division, the latest sign of the industry’s growing allure in Colorado.

New school construction will be green in more than one way

A portion of Colorado marijuana excise taxes is earmarked to help the state’s aging public school facilities. Colorado’s green revolution of both kinds – energy and weed – will help repair and replace the buildings, with an average age of more than 40 years old.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper

Hickenlooper: $1 billion in pot sales expected next fiscal year

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s budget office says it expects the recreational and medical marijuana industries combined to pump nearly $134 million in tax and fee revenue into state coffers in the fiscal year beginning in July.

Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo.

Colorado congressman invites Obama on pot tour

It’s one thing if a press-savvy entrepreneur stages a press conference inviting the President of the United States on his Colorado marijuana tour bus. But it’s something else entirely when a member of congress invites the President “to visit a legal dispensary and grow operation to see how the law is being implemented in the state.”

No recreational pot in Boulder? (Of all places!) What gives?

Marijuana opened for business in Colorado on Jan. 1 — but not in Boulder County. More than a hundred state licenses for retail marijuana stores have been issued in Denver, but just one in all of Boulder County.

Legal marijuana sales bring long lines to Colorado

Long lines and blustery winter weather greeted Colorado marijuana shoppers testing the nation’s first legal recreational pot shops Wednesday. It was hard to tell from talking to the shoppers, however, that they had waited hours in snow and frigid wind.

Marijuana plant

Colorado considers lowering medical-marijuana patient fee

Colorado health officials want to reduce the fee that licensed medical-marijuana patients pay, in a move that could impact how many people stick with medical-marijuana after recreational pot sales start in January.