Why marijuana concentrates are cause for confusion

Advanced Medical Alternatives yanks pot concentrates in state’s 11th recall

Denver marijuana business Advanced Medical Alternatives is voluntarily recalling 133 individually packaged grams of cannabis concentrates because they contain potentially dangerous pesticides banned for use on pot plants in Colorado. It’s the city’s 11th pesticide-related recall of cannabis products in three months.

Tighter regs proposed for pesticides used on Colorado pot

Colorado regulators have proposed rules that would further restrict which pesticides can be used to grow marijuana to those that are least harmful and are already allowed on crops intended for human consumption and tobacco.

Deep dive: Why Colorado has struggled to regulate pot pesticides

State regulators have known since 2012 that marijuana was grown with potentially dangerous pesticides, but pressure from the industry and lack of guidance from federal authorities delayed their efforts to enact regulations, and they ultimately landed on a less restrictive approach than originally envisioned.

Extracts company Mahatma to start testing pot for pesticides

Extracts company Mahatma to start testing pot for pesticides

After Denver Post lab tests last week found residual amounts of non-approved pesticide chemicals in concentrated marijuana products made by Mahatma Concentrates, the Denver company has started to test the cannabis it takes in from other pot companies, according to Mahatma leadership.

Colorado launches pesticide probes on two marijuana businesses

State agriculture officials have opened an investigation into a marijuana grow operation named in a report by The Denver Post about pesticide residues, and confirmed a second business named in the story was already under scrutiny.

Denver lifts hold on marijuana products after testing for pesticides

Denver cracks down on pesticide use in pot products

Denver health officials Tuesday began inspecting and quarantining hundreds of marijuana products because their labels listed pesticides not approved for use on cannabis.

Marijuana pesticides: Unknowns abound for pot growers

Unknowns abound in pesticide use for growing pot

As legal marijuana moves from basements and backwoods to warehouses and commercial fields, the mold and spider mites that once ruined only a few plants at a time can now quickly create a multimillion-dollar crisis for growers. Some are turning to industrial-strength chemicals, raising concerns about safety.

Cannabist Show: She owns a marijuana shop; He's a pot baron

Cannabist Show: She owns a marijuana shop; He’s a pot baron

We’re talking with industry insiders about issues involving Colorado marijuana shops — ownership by women and minorities, edibles cooking classes, consulting opportunities and TV documentaries about cannabis businesses. Featured guests: Simply Pure co-owner Wanda James and Medicine Man CEO Andy Williams.

The Weed in Weed: Miley Cyrus goes retro and other marijuana photos

Are there risks from secondhand marijuana smoke?

The study found that in rats, the same physiological effect occurs after inhaling secondhand smoke from marijuana as with cigarettes. And, the arteries take 90 minutes to recover compared with the 30 minutes with cigarette smoke.