Cannabis Club battles to keep its spot on Breckenridge's Main Street

Breckenridge Cannabis Club doesn’t want to be exiled from Main Street

Breckenridge Town Council in September 2013 banned marijuana stores in downtown, with an exception for the Cannabis Club until its lease expires Sept. 1, 2014. The Club’s owners are asking the council on Tuesday night to suspend the rule, noting their five years on Main Street without any trouble.

Cannabist Q&A: How can I calculate THC dosage for weed-infused recipes?

How to calculate THC dosage in recipes for marijuana edibles

Question: I’m a recipient of a quarter-ounce of weed given to me by a friend. I’d like to use it for cooking and I’m encouraged by the recipes on this site. However, I can’t find a way to convert what I have into practical use. Can you help?

High Level Health - Lincoln (recreational review by The Ombudsman)

High Level Health – Lincoln (recreational review by The Ombudsman)

Shop critic The Ombudsman visits High Level Health – Lincoln, in Denver, for a recreational purchase. “Though all of the jars smelled great, I was disappointed there were only seven strains available. I rolled the dice and went with a sativa blend cone joint.”

S03E10: She helps decode cannabis regulations in California, Colorado, Nevada and beyond

Featured guest: Amanda Ostrowitz, co-founder of CannaRegs. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  Will visitors to Sin City be able to light up in July or what might delay Nevada’s recreational marijuana rollout? •  With legalization of recreational weed, California’s massive marijuana market is facing regulation upheavals. What surprises are…

In this March 25, 2016 photo, Jerald Brooks, left, one of the original participants in a Seattle program called Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion, or LEAD, goes shopping for groceries with Chris Cates, right, his caseworker, in Seattle. Funding from the expansion of Medicaid brought on by President Barack Obama's health care law in some states has made repeat drug offenders such as Brooks eligible for coverage, which could be a new tool for shifting addicts out of the criminal-justice system as an alternative to the drug war. (Ted S. Warren, AP)

Yes, Obamacare is keeping drug offenders clean and out of jail

When pondering how to keep low-level drug offenders out of jail, officials in Albany, New York, faced a challenge: How could they pay for a case manager to coax addicts onto the straight and narrow, sometimes by tracking them down on the streets? The money turned up in a previously untapped source: President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Colorado marijuana lawsuits: Residents sue over legalization

Colorado residents suing to halt recreational marijuana sales

Two lawsuits were filed in U.S. District Court in Colorado on Thursday morning against politicians, public servants and businesses to “end the sale of recreational marijuana in this state,” according to attorney David H. Thompson, who represents the plaintiffs in both cases.