Op-ed: Congress needs to step up with marijuana research

Op-ed: Congress has ignored need for marijuana research for too long

Members of Congress are often eager to admit they’re not scientists. The trouble is, they also don’t like listening to scientists. Now, America’s ignorance-is-bliss Congress has come to fear what scientists might have to say about marijuana.

Colorado board votes no on medical marijuana for PTSD

Colorado bid to add PTSD to medical pot list rejected

The Colorado Board of Health voted 6 to 2 — amid shouts, hisses and boos from a packed house — not to add post-traumatic stress disorder to the medical conditions that can be treated under the state’s medical marijuana program.

21 applicants in Colorado win approval to grow hemp

The 10 news stories that defined cannabis’ biggest year to date

Top stories: Not only did two U.S. states open their recreational pot shops but two others voted to open stores of their own. From issues with edibles to millions of dollars in research funding to lawsuits, lawsuits and more lawsuits, there was plenty of marijuana news to cover.

The Las Vegas Strip (Jacob Kepler, Bloomberg )

Nevada reciprocity: Have an MMJ card? You can buy pot in Vegas in 2015

Marijuana activists are already planning the 2016 campaign to regulate and legalize the sale of recreational pot in Nevada, home to Las Vegas, one of the world’s biggest tourism destinations. But some tourists won’t have to wait that long to legally buy weed in Las Vegas thanks to the most liberal reciprocity law in the United States.