Congress blocks DC marijuana legalization with spending bill

Analysis: What four crucial votes mean for U.S. legalization momentum

Today’s election will determine the direction of future marijuana legalization efforts in the U.S. If all or most of the measures fail in Florida, Oregon, Alaska and D.C., legalization proponents may need to take a step back and reassess their strategies for the 2016 presidential election year.

Medical marijuana could be spoiler in Florida governor race

Medical marijuana could be spoiler in Florida governor’s race

Florida’s race for governor has focused on the candidates’ integrity and their credit or blame for the economy. But an issue seldom mentioned on the campaign trail could play the spoiler in the razor-thin contest.

Research divided over stoned driving and traffic deaths

Research divided over stoned driving and traffic deaths

As states liberalize their marijuana laws, public officials and safety advocates worry that more drivers high on pot will lead to a big increase in traffic deaths. Researchers, though, are divided on the question.

Just Say No (File photo)

A thoughtful look at legalization: What happened to “Just Say No”?

“Just Say No” is one of those dated cultural milestones that now seems more distant than it should. Note: It’s been less than 20 years since Nancy Reagan’s program was at its pinnacle, and already two states in the union have legalized recreational marijuana as everybody from republicans to democrats are guessing on what states will be the next to fall.

Parental dilemma: 4/20 weekend with your kids? There are options

Parental dilemma: 4/20 weekend with your kids? There are options

What’s a parent to do on 4/20 weekend? There’s no reason to stay at home. There are options that are less stoney, but still fun, including a pet expo in Denver, an African festival in Boulder and Saturday and Sunday options for Easter egg hunting.

St. Patrick's weekend events

Pot o’ gold: 10 events for a stoney St. Pat’s weekend

Of course there’s the parade, and many other things to do, including conventional stuff (kegs and eggs) — and extremely unconventional (dream interpretation?) “Would you believe me if I said the parade is the least exciting thing going on this weekend?”

The Polar Plunge at Boulder Reservoir. Photo by Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post

A stoney NYE in Colorado

If there was a bigger year than 2013 in the history of cannabis, people are getting too high now to remember it. The passage of Amendment 64 in November thrust Colorado into the national spotlight as one of the most progressive states in the union when it comes to smoking…

Legalization of marijuana "could make coaches worry" about athletes

Colorado’s new marijuana laws could create more headaches for high school coaches and more temptations for athletes. When recreational marijuana use becomes legal Wednesday, it’s easy to see that high school athletes will be exposed to cannabis more than ever.

Feds call out Colorado in releasing study on teen marijuana use

Federal drug abuse officials called out Colorado by name Wednesday in releasing a new national survey of illicit drug use among teenagers, saying marijuana legalization efforts are clearly changing youth attitudes in a dangerous way.