The Cannabist Awards | The Judging Process
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The Judging Process

We will begin accepting nominations for the 2018 Cannabist Awards in the next couple of weeks. Please stay tuned for further updates!


So what happens after you apply?
We will accept all nominations up until January 26th and publish the list of finalists on The Cannabist. Every category will contain five finalists, which will then be evaluated by an independent panel of judges.
The Cannabist prides itself on impartial journalism, and our judging process for The Cannabist Awards are no exception. We’ve assembled an exceptional group of industry leaders from a diverse set of regions. Our judges receive no compensation whatsoever for their participation.
Once our finalists are delivered to the judges, The Cannabist will mediate the judging process but will have absolutely no influence on the winners. The winners will be selected by the judges independently of The Cannabist.
Because of the wide scope of this year’s award categories, it is possible that a judge may represent an interested business or organization that emerges as a finalist. Should a conflict of interest present itself, the judge in question will recuse him or herself from that particular vote to prevent any bias. The judges may vote on all categories where there is no conflict.
The judges will evaluate each finalist in their category on 4 criteria. For each of these criteria, they will score between 1-5 to determine how well the finalist exemplifies that criteria. They will be evaluating:
1. How unique is the finalist’s work in this category?
2. Is the finalist pushing the cannabis industry into a better future with innovative solutions?
3. How much of an impact is the finalist making in this category?
4. Re-read the specific category description. How much does the finalist epitomize the spirit of what’s written in the category description?


Winners will be calculated by the numbers provided from each of the judges.
All awards will be acknowledged at The Cannabist Awards party at The Denver Post on Thursday, February 8th at 5:30 pm. You must sign up via Eventbrite to attend the event.