Katie Shapiro

Katie Shapiro

Katie is the nation's first-ever cannabis style writer here at The Cannabist and High Country columnist at The Aspen Times. Her company, Katie Shapiro Media, specializes in publicity for Colorado-produced films and film festivals.

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U.S. House, Senate vote to allow VA doctors to talk medical pot with patients

The U.S. House has approved a measure that would allow doctors with the Department of Veteran Affairs to talk with their patients about medical marijuana and make recommendations for treatment.

Why police and prison groups worry about California legalization

What does law enforcement — police and prisons — stand to lose in the potential California legalization of marijuana? A coveted revenue stream.

Watch: An oh-so-accurate, epic cough attack by T.J. Miller on ‘Silicon Valley’

We’ve all been there. One hit too hard and you’re hacking up a lung. On the HBO comedy “Silicon Valley,” weed is never far from Erlich Bachman, one of the primary characters who’s played by Denver native T.J. Miller. It’s one of the many stoner subtleties that makes marijuana culture…

Nine cannabis-enhanced beauty products you need right now

Looking good, thanks to cannabis: We’ve rounded up the best beauty products — some new to the shelves and others that are staples among the all-natural beauty set.

Your new Passover tradition: How to elevate Seder dinner with cannabis

Get tips on the best ways to add cannabis into a Seder dinner. Oregon couple Roy and Claire Kaufmann are looking to inspire their fellow ‘high-minded Jews.’

Jenny Lewis, Bill Murray and SXSW’s most spectacular weed-inspired oufit

Jenny Lewis debuted her rainbow-marijuana leaf western suit at SXSW this weekend, and the outfit was a stunner. Her pal Bill Murray seemed to love it, too.

Smoker Supply Kit: The mountain must-haves for skiing and riding

There’s a reason gondolas are called ‘ganjulas’ — here’s the best smoking gear and accessories to have when you’re spending time in the snow.

Mad about Max Kauffman: Aspen art scene gets a jolt with ‘All the Feels’

Shop Sesh interview: Artist and curator Max Kauffman is getting back in touch with his Colorado roots with the ‘All the Feels’ exhibition at the Crystal Palace in Aspen. His artwork has a heavy influence from the herb: ‘It’s how I can focus to paint for six to eight hours at a time and keeps me sane.’

Watch: Cloris Leachman goes for the ganja in indie film ‘This is Happening’

Exclusive peek: Cloris Leachman and Mickey Sumner get lifted in this comedy about a grandmother, her grandkids and a trunkload of weed

Cannabist 2015 Gift Guide: 20 ideas that are smokin’ hot for the holidays

The Cannabist 2015 gift guide has 420-friendly gifts for any budget. Check out weed gifts from Apothecanna, Huf, Dixie Elixirs, Stoner’s Coloring Book, Pufftec, Kush Kards, Cannador, Bodyshop, Tsubota, Puff Puff Pass & more.

Gold standard: How Pax is capitalizing on vape culture

The Pax vaporizer brand continues its cultural experiments with a new limited-edition gold Pax 2 vape and collaboration with pop star The Weeknd as the company raises its innovative retail game.

Smoker Supply Kit: The necessary, stylish marijuana accessories for a high night out

Smoker Supply Kit: Clubbing, rock shows or just hitting the pub? Pack this essential weed gear for a high night on the town.

Wine & Weed: Pot tourism goes upscale in the Colorado Rockies

Colorado pot tourism: While curiosity is still at odds with social stigmas, tours with Cultivating Spirits or a stay at Breck Haus are enlightening options.

Denver-based marijuana patch maker Mary’s Medicinals expands to Oregon

Mary’s Medicinals, a Denver-based manufacturer specializing in transdermal technology, has entered Oregon, growing its availability of topical cannabis products to four states nationwide.

Smoker Supply Kit: Pack this essential gear for high hiking

Summer and fall are prime times to be outdoors, which means hitting the trails hard with a “Smoker Supply Kit” for the highest of hikes.

Shop Sesh: They smoked salmon (with weed) at Rosenberg’s Bagels in Denver

They smoked salmon with weed on 4/20, and Rosenberg’s owner Joshua Pollack and general manager Nicholas “Nicky the Fish” Bruno say the’ll do it again. Our interview with the bagel geniuses.

A Hunter S. Thompson museum is planned for his Owl Farm near Aspen

WOODY CREEK, Colo. — Hunter S. Thompson’s widow is planning to open a museum dedicated to the gonzo journalist on the Aspen-area farm he lived on for more than 35 years, The Cannabist has learned.

Blissed Out on Owl Farm: At NORML’s party on Hunter S. Thompson’s land

We take you inside NORML’s annual party at Owl Farm, Hunter S. Thompson’s beloved land outside of Aspen, Colo., to talk about pot legalization and more. Sitting down in the kitchen they shared, his widow Anita Thompson asks: ‘Could you imagine Hunter Thompson in a dispensary? Sometimes it breaks my heart when I go into one and that he’s not here.’

Cannabis art classes cause confusion at Aspen Jewish Community Center

When Aspen’s Chabad Jewish Community Center announced its 420-friendly “Art with Mary Jane” classes, locals took note — but then Chabad’s plan hit a snag.

Weed etiquette: Emily Post’s great-granddaughter on marijuana manners

The unspoken rules of the “puff, puff, pass” ritual — including all of the steps it takes to toke up — are obvious to those who already partake. But for those just now starting to explore the world of weed, there’s a lot to learn. Consider this your intro to weed etiquette — Marijuana Manners 101.

High Style Icon: Willie Nelson, forever cool as fearless cannabis advocate

Celebrating the style of music legend and cannabis crusader Willie Nelson, who has a new memoir, “It’s a Long Story: My Life,” on sale Tuesday, May 5. “I owe marijuana a lot,” he writes. “I think I can fairly make the claim that marijuana — in the place of booze, cocaine and tobacco — has contributed to my longevity.”

Deadhead sandals: Chaco’s limited-edition Grateful Dead Collection wows

Deadheads rejoice: Now you can wear dancing bears on your feet with Chaco’s limited-edition Grateful Dead Collection, released today to coincide with the jam band’s 50th anniversary. The two familiar patterns, Steal Your Face and Dancing Bears, are woven into the signature Chaco webbing — a match made in hippie heaven. (The sandals retail for $125-$130, with wrist wraps starting at $15.) 

Wine & Weed: A guide to flavor, pot pairings, wine profiles

Wine, cheese and weed? Enjoying all three at once is nothing new, but officially recognizing the similarities between the tasting parallels of each is only just starting to gain momentum.

What 4/20 means to me: Style writer remembers her first (and last) 4/20

Cannabist style writer Katie Shapiro recalls her first (and last) 4/20, which she celebrated in Burlington, Vermont at a crucial time in her life.

Shiny and sleek, Cosmic J pipes make smoking sexy (review)

The California ceramicist behind the J Schatz line of housewares has created a new line of sleek pipes called Cosmic J, offering a sexy spin on smoking pot. The star of the line is the “Barbarella.”

Meet the hippest home ec teacher ever: Share Denver’s Becky Hensley

Happy National Craft Month: Here’s a Shop Sesh interview with Becky Hensley. The founder of Share Denver and Denver Craft Ninjas is working for the craft-loving community — and she wants to do some “demystifying and destigmatizing” about cannabis.

Surprise your stoner sweetie with a bud bouquet

There’s no holiday more cliché than Valentine’s Day, and there’s no gift more cliché than red roses. But in the new world of legalized marijuana, bud bouquets are now a reality, which might just make us reconsider.

From ‘Chelsea Lately’ to Red Rocks, Eva Magdalenski is taking on hip-hop

Right after Eva Magdalenski greeted me with a huge hug in the lobby of her downtown hotel, she handed me a pack of Juicy Fruit with a hundred dollar bill taped to it. For a second, I thought she was giving me weed money — I was there to pick her up and take her on her first-ever Denver dispensary visit.

Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 4): High Rollers

We’re having a little fun with a few outrageous holiday gift options to basically just ball out of control in style this season. So here you go, you high roller, you.

The Cannabist’s Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 2): Superfly Stoner

Moving on from the mainstream weed gifts, we’re hitting this next one hard with statement makers for those who make their love of smoking no secret.

The Cannabist’s Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 1): Seven ideas under $100

Here are a few of our favorite finds in name-brand-land — all available online so you can smoke while you shop. 7 weed gift ideas under $100 for the cannabis enthusiast in your life.

Shop Sesh: Artist Kinsey Zaïre hopes ‘perfect little pipe’ design takes off

Interview: Denver artist Kinsey Zaïre is putting her own spin on pipes with a soon-to-be launched ceramics line called “Glazed,” and the star is a petite sparrow pipe with a bowl on its back and an eye for a carb. “Earlier this year, I was sitting around getting high one day and the bowl I was smoking out of was hideous. That’s when I decided to make the perfect little pipe.”

Reefer recall: Hermès luxury bags returned because of skunky smell

Madison Avenue, we have a problem. According to the New York Post, the highly coveted status symbols are getting returned to Hermès boutiques across the globe for having “skunk stinky syndrome.”

Miley Cyrus’ fashion debut in N.Y.: “Dirty Hippie” beady, weedy, trippy

The official New York Fashion Week debut for pot-smoking, arts-and-crafting pop star Miley Cyrus happened Sept. 10 during Jeremy Scott’s Spring 2015 show. The designer created a number of costumes for the star’s infamous Bangerz Tour and is known for his crazy club-kid couture.

Sarah Silverman hits Emmys red carpet with “liquid pot” (video)

Leave it to pot-loving comedian Sarah Silverman to steal the show on the red carpet at the Emmys when her vape pen was revealed.

Shop Sesh interview: Sativa steers Like Minded Productions’ street art

A weed-inspired interview with Jonathan Lamb and Michael Ortiz, the co-founders of Like Minded Productions, which specializes in custom murals and graphics. The duo’s work can be seen adorning Denver marijuana shops, restaurants and other retailers, and they regularly have live art shows.

Timberado gives peace pipes new life via natural woods, gemstones (review)

REVIEW: From the unknown health risks to the funky taste that comes along with using an electronic device often made in China, vaping is just not for me. I’m a good old-fashioned joint smoker with a few pieces of glass I keep in rotation.

Shop Sesh: Busy Bianca Barnhill — activist, HT correspondent, businesswoman

Bianca Barnhill is no slacker stoner. She’s the West Coast Correspondent for High Times, a producer, former model, legalization activist and has been dubbed the “Anna Wintour of Weed.” Barnhill, who’s also a cancer survivor, says “I’m trying to do my part to erase the stigma. Yes, I’m daily smoker, but I’m also a successful businesswoman.”

Pot leaf chic: Jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche gives ganja golden touch

Since Jacquie Aiche launched her jewelry line in 2005, the marijuana leaf has been a staple for the Los Angeles-based designer, and remains a popular motif.

Have a happy “Weedster” with grown-up goody basket

Only in Colorado can you start 4/20 with a sunrise service and end it with Snoop Dogg – both at Red Rocks. Why not go all out with an adults-only Easter basket filled to the brim with sweets and swag?

Welcome to Denver: Visitors’ 4/20 cheat sheet

Here’s a little help for the thousands of visitors heading to Colorado to partake on the 4/20 weekend. A Denver guide to everything in between the official festivities. Where to stay, eat, drink and shop, and how to get around.

Shop Sesh: Why MegaFauna loves to keep it local (interview)

MegaFauna in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood, a.k.a. River North, is the brainchild of Colorado native John McCaskill, who sought to create a local collective to showcase up-and-coming designers, artists and vintage apparel.

Panic En La Playa: Tropical outing for Widespread Panic

Just as the SXSW Music festival wraps up, the real rock party is heading even farther south. Now in its third year, Panic En La Playa features four nights of Widespread Panic, March 17-20 on the beach in the Dominican Republic, the ultimate fan experience for followers of the legendary jam band.

On pork, pot & bringing the bacon: Cochon 555 chef competition comes to Denver

Brace yourselves, pork lovers. A herd of heritage pigs arrives at the Ritz-Carlton, Denver this Sunday for the ultimate culinary competition that is Cochon 555. We paid a visit to chef Justin Brunson of Old Major. For Brunson, pot and pigs go hand in hand.

Miley Cyrus marijuana tour hits Denver

Marijuana is a central theme of Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz world tour, which blows into Denver on Tuesday, March 4. Not only are there backup dancers dressed as joints and 24-carat gold rolling papers at the merch table, Cyrus is parading onstage in a pot leaf-encrusted leotard by New York design duo The Blonds.

Rihanna celebrates 26th high in Aspen

Scandalous pop star Rihanna makes her marijuana use no secret, which is likely why she chose a trip to the tony resort town of Aspen for her 26th birthday Thursday (Feb. 20). Rihanna has long been criticized for her public display of dank indulgence, but largely ignores her haters.

Sativa Style: Give patchouli a chance — 10 top scents to try

Part of the patchouli problem from the Flower Power era was that hippies wore synthetic formulations of the oil, resulting in an even more pungent smell. But when concocted correctly, patchouli is an earthy, spicy, woodsy note that pairs most beautifully with rose.

Shop Sesh: Duo behind Folsom Custom Skis taps into botany, bud (interview)

An inside look into Folsom Custom Skis and the duo who turned their passion for skiing into their life’s work. They preview their latest custom topsheet graphic “Juicy Fruit” and talk powder days, safety meetings and ski making.

Sativa Style: The very worst Super Bowl XLVIII T-shirts

We present the top 10 worst-looking T-shirt designs that feature a Super Bowl XLVII motif and/or showcase the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. Wear ’em if you dare to show your legalization spirit on Super Bowl Sunday.