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Can pesticides be eliminated from commercial marijuana grows?

Marijuana pesticides: Is it possible for pesticides to be eliminated from commercial grows? A discussion about Colorado’s pot industry and consumer views.

Will the next POTUS pull the plug on states’ marijuana legalization laws?

Could the future of legal recreational marijuana be in jeopardy after the 2016 election with the next U.S. president potentially pulling the plug?

Vice video: What Canada should learn from Colorado about legal marijuana

“Well, Canada,” says Damian Abraham, standing in a greenhouse full of chest-high marijuana plants, “we came to Colorado to show you what a regulated marijuana industry can look like.” And that’s how this telling episode of Vice’s “Canadian Cannabis” series starts.

Ep. 5 – Dan Skye, editor of High Times magazine; Bob Eschino, president of edibles company Incredibles; and Sam Cole, spokesman at CDOT

It’s almost time for 4/20 in Colorado and the U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver. Denver Post marijuana editor Ricardo Baca talks with guests Dan Skye, editor of High Times magazine; Bob Eschino, president of edibles company Incredibles; and Sam Cole, spokesman for the Colorado Department of Transportation. Plus, top headlines…

Video: Has the Cannabis Cup in Colorado eclipsed Amsterdam’s event?

Cannabist pot critic Jake Browne and marijuana editor Ricardo Baca discuss Colorado’s Cannabis Cup, and how it might just be edging out Amsterdam’s event.

Video: On shaming vs. celebrating 4/20 fests and the Cannabis Cup

Cannabist editor Ricardo Baca and pot critic Jake Browne discuss a series of essays The Cannabist will be presenting for the April 20 pot holiday: “What 4/20 means to me.” Browne talks about being a perpetrator of “Cup Shaming” in the past, and how marijuana users need to move past the negativity.

Regulating Colorado marijuana: Top state official expects “some fireworks”

There could be “some fireworks” ahead with changes to Colorado marijuana regulations, says Andrew Freedman, the state director of marijuana coordination.

Video: What’s the future of medical marijuana in Colorado?

Andrew Freedman, the state director of marijuana coordination, talks about why tax revenue should not be part of the marijuana legalization debate and reasons to keep MMJ in a state-licensed system.

Cannabist Show: Colorado pot czar gives report card on first year of sales

The Cannabist Show covers marijuana in Colorado and beyond. Guests this week: Andrew Freedman, the director of marijuana coordination for the state of Colorado, and Ean Seeb, co-owner of the Denver Relief marijuana store and consulting business. Get the week’s top headlines and take the Pot Quiz.

Fed report: More drivers using pot, but other factors skew crash risk

The number of drivers on the road with alcohol in their systems has declined by nearly one-third since 2007, but there has been a large increase in drivers using marijuana and other illegal drugs, a government report released Friday found.

‘Rolling Papers,’ a documentary on pot journalists, will debut at SXSW Film

The documentary film “Rolling Papers” — which follows Denver Post and Cannabist journalists, critics and columnists as they cover Colorado’s first year of legal marijuana sales — will have its world premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas. UPDATE: Showtimes have been announced.

Graphic: Colorado 2014 pot survey

After a year of legal marijuana, Colorado residents have few regrets, according to research conducted by SurveyUSA for The Denver Post.

Colorado approves $8M in grants for medical marijuana research

Colorado’s Board of Health has approved up to $8 million in grants to pay for eight studies on medical marijuana, the largest-ever state-funded effort to study the medical efficacy of cannabis.

Video: Legalization movement’s impact on the NFL and NBA

“How many states does it take for pot use to be OK’d where the NFL and NBA has to take a little different tack with what they think about all this?” Denver Post sports columnist Mark Kiszla asks on the Nov. 5 installment of “The Press Box.” “If the regular Joe can light up, then how can the NFL care?”

NPR audio: Will marijuana legalization win in Oregon, D.C., Alaska or Florida?

Will Oregon and Alaska legalize marijuana? Can we look at these states attempting to legalize pot and see a broader movement? With 23 states and the District of Columbia already on board for medical marijuana programs, why wouldn’t Florida pass its medical cannabis amendment? Are people still watching Colorado, waiting to see how things shake down there? Cannabist editor Ricardo Baca spoke with NPR’s Audie Cornish on Monday’s “All Things Considered” program about today’s midterm elections. Listen to the audio below.

The strange tale of Spokane’s first weed buyer: Fired, then rehired

Mike Boyer of Spokane, Wash., is a living, breathing, human roller coaster. The man who was first to buy recreational marijuana in Spokane on July 8 was fired from his job, then rehired after the company cited a misunderstanding about Boyer’s work schedule.

Listen: Colorado lessons from six months of legal pot sales (NPR audio)

What has Colorado learned from six months of legal marijuana sales? That was the subject of conversation on NPR program On Point on June 30, when the program hosted a number of Colorado figures — including Cannabist editor Ricardo Baca and Denver Post editorial writer Alicia Caldwell — for an in-depth conversation on weed in the Centennial State.

Video: Forum on Colorado marijuana hosted by Denver Post

VIDEO: The Denver Post editorial board sponsored a marijuana forum June 17: “Colorado and recreational marijuana: How is the new era going?” The panel discussion assessed the first six months of recreational marijuana and the first 18 months of legalized use.

Should getting high stop you from getting hired at the FBI or elsewhere?

FBI director James Comey made headlines two weeks ago when he half-joked about relaxing the bureau’s drug-testing policy in order to attract the nation’s brightest applicants — a comment he made in reference to the Congress-approved 2,000 new jobs the FBI will be filling in 2014. “A lot of the nation’s top computer programmers and hacking gurus are also fond of marijuana,” Comey said.

Live blog recap: 4/20 in Colorado — Denver rally, Cup and more

With so many events happening in the Denver area, from the bustling U.S. Cannabis Cup at the Denver Mart to the sold-out Snoop Dog/Wiz Khalifa show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Sunday night, we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening around town.

Documentary views legalization through lens of Post, Cannabist pot journalism

“Rolling Papers,” a feature documentary on cannabis culture in Colorado as told through marijuana coverage in The Denver Post and website The Cannabist, is currently in production and slated for completion in the fall of 2014.

NFL commish, on being tested for marijuana: Try me

The topic of marijuana keeps coming up for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as the Denver Broncos prepare to take on the Seattle Seahawks. At his annual pre-Super Bowl news conference, he was asked if he “would be willing to randomly test for marijuana.”

Pot for pets? It’s “untried, unproven, unregulated,” says top veterinarian

As the subject of medical-marijuana treatment for pets is bandied about in the veterinary community, Dr. Robin Downing comes down squarely on the side of orthodoxy. She agrees with the American Veterinary Medical Association that studies are needed before pot therapy is practiced.

Video: Cannabis 101 Q&A

Mitch Woolhiser, of Northern Lights Natural Rx in Englewood, Colo., answers questions about recreational cannabis use in this video series.

Five ways Uruguay’s marijuana law is more liberal than Colorado’s, and one way it’s not

The tiny Latin American country of Uruguay just leapfrogged every nation on earth, becoming the world’s first sovereign nation to legalize the cultivation, sale and use of marijuana.