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Cannabist Show: She’s a watchdog for cannabis consumers; His heart’s in hemp

Featured guests are Cannabis Consumers Coalition executive director Larisa Bolivar and program director of the NoCo Hemp Expo Preston Whitfield. Talking consumer’s rights, hemp and more.

Federal marijuana playbook: Trump administration’s tough talk and what we know so far

It’s been one month since we heard the Trump administration’s first public comments about marijuana and AG Jeff Sessions’ views. Here’s what we know so far. FULL STORY

Cannabist Show: He champions social use; He vapes whole-flower extracts

Featured guests: Denver’s Initiative 300 sponsor Emmett Reistroffer and Neos CEO Nate Wilson, talking public pot use, full-flower concentrates, alcohol and weed mixing.

S 02 Ep. 47: He’s an MMJ patient who plays bass with his feet; She’s a top comedian and your new co-host

Featured guests: Bass guitarist Jeffrey Marshall and award-winning comedian and new co-host of the Cannabist Show, Janae Burris. LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  Overcoming adversity to work in an industry you love. •  Mixing a little recreational use into a medical marijuana patient’s regimen. •  Edibles, concentrates and flowers: there’s…

Cannabist Show: He’s an MMJ patient who plays bass with his feet; She’s a top comedian and your new co-host

Featured guests: Bass guitarist Jeffrey Marshall and award-winning comedian Janae Burris, discussing overcoming adversity, forms of marijuana and more.

Entering the cannabis industry with a wealth of business know-how

Cannabis CEOs talk about how traditional business experience translates to an industry with some unique regulatory requirements.

New Hampshire bills decriminalizing marijuana, expanding MMJ easily clear House

The New Hampshire House has advanced bills on marijuana decriminalization and allowing medical marijuana for chronic pain and PTSD.

Cannabist Show: She runs Marijuana Industry Group; He’s an MMJ patient who kicked opioids

Featured guests: Marijuana Industry Group ED Kristi Kelly and Endocanna CEO Dustin Mahon, discussing federal policy, medical marijuana, opioids and more.

Video discussion: What might a federal crackdown on cannabis look like?

How the Trump administration’s stance on legal recreational marijuana could change the landscape for states that have legalized such use.

White House comments pointing to marijuana crackdown light up social media

Politicos, cannabis industry groups, drug policy advocates and others quickly spoke out over White House spokesman Sean Spicer’s marijuana comments Thursday.

Other Roots: Wanda James, the first black dispensary owner in Colorado, talks marijuana motivation

Wanda James, co-owner of Denver marijuana business Simply Pure, has built a rock-solid list of cannabis credentials in her divergent career.

Cannabist Show: She wants more women in weed; He’s a traveling pro budtender

Guests: Women Grow CEO Leah Heise and Top Shelf Budtending owner Andrew Mieure. Talking ganjapreneurial spirit, industry diversity and private party planning.

Beyond the bud: Are flavored hash oils the next big thing, or are they a bad idea?

The zesty terpenes in cannabis are being utilized in new ways in one of the latest trend in cannabis vaporizer pens: flavored hash oil. But not everyone is on board with this new twist on infusion.

How one man’s food-drink-cannabis pairing project turned into a TV gig with Viceland

Chefs are just starting to pay attention to these new flavor profiles, the new aromas, the new means of creating experiences

Cannabist Show: He’s CEO of Sensi; He promises ‘side-effect free’ cannabis

Featured guests: CEO of Sensi Media, Ron Kolb, and CEO of LucidMood, Charles Jones, talking entering the marijuana industry, cannabinoid mixes and more.

The connoisseur-grade cannabis market is real, and here’s how Californians are leading the charge

In a landscape where more states have adopted marijuana legalization measures, California’s cannabis connoisseurs are taking their knowledge national.

‘Bong Appétit’ co-host: These are the craziest things we did with marijuana in the kitchen

Viceland TV series “Bong Appetit” relishes in taking cannabis cuisine to “high”-end levels and making inventive confections.

Marijuana insiders: These are the most critical issues facing a maturing industry

Four marijuana industry experts share their thoughts on the most important trends and issues facing cannabis businesses in the year ahead.

Cannabist Show: She sells green-certified cannabis; She steeps Tea-HC

Featured guests: Stillwater brand manager Missy Bradley and L’Eagle co-founder Amy Andrle talking certified green grows, concentrates and microdosing.

S02, Ep. 39: Her creative canna-business crosses state lines; He’s consulting on Louisiana’s MMJ program

Featured guests: Colorado Cannabis Tours partner Heidi Keyes and Ean Seeb, Denver Relief Consulting founding partner. [podcast] Watch this episode LOTS TO TALK ABOUT • The challenges of expanding a federally illegal business across state lines. • A historically black university in Louisiana is growing cannabis for the state’s medical…

Cannabist Show: Her creative canna-biz crosses state lines; He’s consulting on Louisiana’s MMJ program

The Cannabist Show for January 12, 2017: From the Denver Post newsroom and DPTV Studios, The Cannabist Show is a one-stop spot for the latest in cannabis culture, news, views and reviews. Hosted by Cannabist pot critic Jake Browne.
FEATURED GUESTS: Colorado Cannabis Tour partner Heidi Keyes and Denver Relief Consulting founding partner Ean Seeb.

Getting into Jeff Sessions’ head: Imagining what AG pick’s drug education looked like in 1960s Alabama

A cannabis consultant considers the impact of Jeff Sessions’ 1960s drug education, and how to approach him on legalization and medical marijuana.

Cannabist Show special: Favorite interviews and the top weed stories that defined 2016

Here at Cannabist HQ, we’re looking back at compelling interviews from our talk show and top marijuana news of 2016.

S 02, Ep. 38: Favorite interviews and weed stories of 2016

Here at Cannabist HQ, we’re taking a look back at the provocative interviews on our talk show and the most memorable stories covered on the site through the turbulent but awesome year that was 2016. The Cannabist Show’s Producer Vince and interim editor-in-chief Aleta Labak dive deep into the past…

Cannabist Show: He’s moving on after three years as The Cannabist’s editor-in-chief

Ricardo Baca reflects on the state of cannabis journalism three years after being named the first-ever Marijuana Editor for a mainstream news organization.

Here are the 10 best vaporizers we reviewed in 2016

Here are the 10 vaporizers our reviewers gave their top ratings to in 2016. New vape models brought many new features for consumers to explore.

Marijuana talk: Why words such as ‘indica’ and ‘sativa’ don’t mean what you think they mean

The established wisdom that sativa strains act as stimulants and indica strains relax might not be accurate, a cannabis educational expert says.

S 02, Ep. 36: He’s calling 2016 ‘The year of the bad budtender’; He’s a marijuana money man

Featured guests: Cannabist marijuana critic and freelance writer Jake Browne and Scott Jordan, director of business development for Dynamic Alternative Finance. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  Do tip jars belong in recreational shops and medical marijuana dispensaries? •  How one company is working around the cannabis banking conundrum by…

Cannabist Show: He’s calling 2016 ‘The year of the bad budtender’; He’s a marijuana money man

Featuring Cannabist pot critic Jake Browne and Dynamic Alternative Finance director of business development Scott Jordan. Talking tipping, banking and more.

Why weed sales spike each December — and how pot businesses can better capitalize on holiday cheer

December typically is a mammoth month for marijuana sales. In Colorado last year, pot shops recorded more sales in December than any other month prior.

Cannabist Show: He’s weed expert for ‘Bong Appétit’; He analyzes pot sales data

Featured guests are ‘Bong Appetit’ co-host Ry Prichard and BDS Analytics director of dispensary relations Greg Shoenfeld discussing Viceland’s new cooking show, the holiday shopping rush and more.