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Marijuana millionaires riding Canada’s legalization wave

“Insiders have created a huge amount of wealth for themselves and even early investors,” PI Financial analyst Jason Zandberg said. “It reminds me of back in the dot com days.”

Canadian company seeks to be the Starbucks of American marijuana

“Like Starbucks is to coffee, we believe Chalice will be to cannabis,” said William Simpson, Golden Leaf’s chief executive officer.

AutoNation allows for hiring applicants who test positive for weed

AutoNation no longer refuses to hire job applicants who test positive for marijuana in drug screenings, revealed the CEO recently.

Cannabis growers Aurora, CanniMed agree to a $1 billion merger

The sweetened C$1.23 billion ($1 billion) cash-and-stock deal would be the largest yet in the country’s red-hot cannabis industry.

What the cannabis genome map means for future of the marijuana industry

A deeper understanding of cannabis genetics means companies will be able to figure out which parts of the plant’s makeup drive different functions, making it easier to breed plants more quickly and effectively.

If the U.S. legalizes marijuana, what happens to its international drug treaties?

The U.S. currently only partially complies with international conventions that unequivocally prohibit recreational marijuana use as part of the global fight against drug trafficking.

Canadians already consume almost as much weed as wine, and it’s not even legal yet

Canadians consumed as much as C$6.2 billion ($4.8 billion) of marijuana in 2015, almost as much as they spent on wine, the federal statistics agency said Monday as it gears up to officially track weed when it becomes legal next year.

Canada’s marijuana stocks so hot it’s difficult to bet against them

Short-selling Canadian marijuana stocks is expensive as the values of companies continue to climb and few shares are available to borrow.

Canadian cannabis companies duke it out in hostile takeover bid

CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. is raising new concerns that securities laws may have been violated by Aurora Cannabis Inc.’s C$582 million ($453 million) offer.

Some cannabis farmers’ livelihoods could be wiped out by California fires

For many businesses in northern California, it will take years to rebuild from the wildfires that have decimated the region. For many legal cannabis growers, the destruction could be insurmountable.

Drug abuse — and testing — in workforce a growing challenge for American businesses

29 percent of employers reported impaired job performance due to painkiller use, while 15 percent cited an injury or near miss they attributed to drugs.

Employers testing for weed will increasingly miss out on good workers

In Youngstown, Ohio, the employment problem is not a shortage of jobs. Nor is it a shortage of workers. The problem is not stingy employers who don’t want to pay enough to attract good workers. Nor is the problem that potential workers are too busy playing video games to show…

Marijuana backlash: Smell of smoke driving some former proponents away

In places where using marijuana no longer carries the threat of a jail sentence, the pungent odor of ganja is increasingly infiltrating daily life — and annoying nonsmokers.

Hemp is the new kale, say two N.Y. farmers who are gurus in finance, cybersecurity

JD Farms in upstate New York is the state’s first legal hemp farm in decades, and the two men behind it are betting big on their crop and the many ways to eat it, from hemp seed oil and flour to adding young hemp leaves to salad mixes