Anti-pot racketeering suit settles, opens door for future RICO claims

Anti-pot racketeering suit settles, opens door for future RICO claims

A high-profile racketeering lawsuit against a proposed Summit County marijuana shop and companies that did its banking, bonding and accounting settled in U.S. District Court earlier this month — a substantial victory for cannabis opponents hoping to stun legalization efforts in America.

Mini joints: This Colorado mountain shop’s idea is a huge success

In February, High Country Healing’s Andrew Salini was smoking with a few friends when one of them rolled a smaller joint — a mini joint, if you will. The trio passed it around, and Salini marveled at how something that looked so small was able to satisfy the group.

Neal Pollack's Reefer Roadtrip from Texas to Free America

Best of 2014: The 15 most intriguing questions our readers asked this year

Here are 15 of the most intriguing questions readers had for Ask The Cannabist columnist Susan Squibb in the first year of recreational marijuana sales in Colorado. Queries ran the gamut from what’s now legal (and what’s still illegal) to the products for sale in pot shops to quests for 1970s strains and cooking with weed.

Cannabist Q&A: Grow room tours, penny stocks, strain hunting website

Cannabist Q&A: Grow room tour, penny stocks, strain hunting website

Topics for this Q&A installment include signing up for a cannabis tour to get an inside look at one of Colorado’s commercial cultivation facilities, plus other questions from readers about penny stock investing and searching online for specific strains.