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Veterans and access to cannabis: 2017 in review

2017 was a year of frustration but also incremental progress for military veterans and their advocates as veterans’ organizations and their supporters continued to lobby federal and state politicians to expand medical marijuana access and research.

Jim Plunkett CBD oil

Former NFL pros say CBD oil vital pain-management tool

After years of managing pain through the use of alcohol, nonprescription anti-inflammatory drugs and highly addictive opioids, some former football players are turning to cannabis for relief.

Pesticide edict ensures fate of recalled Denver pot products

The destructive, decades-long war on pot hobbles along, thanks to DEA

Denver Post editorial: Despite the fact that public opinion toward legalization has greatly shifted toward acceptance, legitimate questions exist about the safety of marijuana. More study is in order, and to that end, at least there is slight progress.

S 02, Ep. 16: He opened a million-dollar pot shop; He helps businesses expand nationally

Featured guests: Scott Thorn, who’s the COO for The Clinic marijuana shop chain that operates in three states; and Strainz CEO Hugh Hempel, whose company manages cannabis brands. LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  “Who smokes flower anymore?” Sales for concentrates are growing fast. •  People are snapping up cannabis licenses…