Colorado launches campaign to stop stoned driving

Video: What happens in a roadside stoned driving test?

ABC News correspondent Clayton Sandell shadowed a Colorado State Patrol officer and was on hand to record what happened when one sandal-wearing, Mustang-driving motorist was put through the paces by CSP Cpl. Roger Meyers, a specially trained drug recognition expert.

Research divided over stoned driving and traffic deaths

Research divided over stoned driving and traffic deaths

As states liberalize their marijuana laws, public officials and safety advocates worry that more drivers high on pot will lead to a big increase in traffic deaths. Researchers, though, are divided on the question.

Colorado troopers get training on spotting drivers under influence of pot

Stoned driving: 60 cited in Jan., more law officer training

Colorado State Patrol officers cited 60 people in January for driving offenses in which marijuana was believed to be involved. Colorado law officers are receiving more training so they will be able to spot drivers who are high and to differentiate them from alcohol-impaired drivers.

A satire online article tricked many readers into thinking Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper wanted to free convicts charged with marijuana crimes. (Andy Cross, Denver Post file)

Stoned driving cases in Colorado tough to track

There is currently no comprehensive way to track instances of marijuana-impaired driving in Colorado. Such cases are charged in court under the same law as alcohol-impaired driving cases, meaning the two can’t be separated in judicial data.

Editorial: A stoned driver is an impaired driver

Stoned driving legislation has been a steady companion of sports betting bills on the Massachusetts Legislature’s back burner, where the flame is barely lit.

Massachusetts vows crackdown on those driving high

Massachusetts officials promised a crackdown Thursday on marijuana-impaired driving as the state prepares for full implementation of the voter-approved law legalizing adult use of recreational cannabis.

Drive High, get a DUI campaign

Why it’s so hard to test for driving high, and why that’s a problem

While several states have legalized using marijuana, nobody is in favor of driving under its influence. But as states crack down on high driving, they’re struggling to figure out what counts as driving high, and how they can reliably test for it. Currently, if police determine they have reason to…

5 things to know about driving on marijuana

On the road: 5 things to know about driving on marijuana

The legalization of recreational marijuana in two states — Colorado and Washington — and medical marijuana in more than 20 others has raised concern that there will be more drivers stoned behind the wheel. What’s not clear is whether that will translate into an increase in fatal crashes.

(Grant Hindsley, The Denver Post)

Opinion: State Patrol should have mentioned booze, too, in stoned crash

In January, Keith Kilbey crashed his car into a couple of police cars north of Denver. They were blocking the entrance to a highway exit ramp, and their lights were flashing at the time Kilbey hit them. Shortly after the accident, a Colorado State Patrol spokesman said that Kilbey was high on pot and that he had been charged with driving under the influence of drugs. “This time we were fortunate,” warned a corporal, “but many officers across the nation are not so lucky.”