Super Silver Lemon Haze strain, Cannabist marijuana review

Super Silver Lemon Haze (marijuana review)

Our reviewer appreciated Super Silver Lemon Haze’s ability to kick him into gear, and he was able to withstand the brief moments of paranoia it provided, for its relaxing yet cerebral high.


Can I see your license? California weed faces regulatory upheaval

California blazed a trail to legalize medical marijuana 20 years ago. But the Golden State is only now confronting the full complexity of regulating consumer safety and business practices in an industry that’s ballooned to an estimated $2.7 billion annually.

No Colo. weed in High Times’ Strongest Strains issue?

If you read High Times’ annual “Strongest Strains on Earth” issue recently — or watched the accompanying video (below) — you might have noticed that the 2015 list lacked cannabis from a certain Rocky Mountain state that launched its legal recreational marijuana program well before any others.

Harlequin (marijuana review)

Harlequin (marijuana review)

Strain Theory: I usually love sativa-dominant hybrids like this for the mood and energy stimulation. Instead, the high-CBD Harlequin proved contemplative and internalized a lot of my energy.

Denver's skyline, as seen from City Park. (Jupiter Images)

Why NORML branched out into new digs in Denver

While the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws has chapters all over the U.S., NORML only has one actual office outside of its headquarters in Washington DC — and it just opened in Denver this week.

Cannabist Q&A: Medical edibles vs. rec, tax spending plan, Amsterdam memories

Cannabist Q&A: Medical edibles vs. rec; tax plans; Amsterdam-esque tourism

This Q&A handles readers’ questions on cannabis matters. Topics include rules and limits on medical edibles; Colorado 2014 tax revenue results so far and the state’s spending plans; and an out-of-towner wondering if any pot shops offer “sampler packs” for pot tourists.

Colorado begins mandatory testing of edible marijuana potency

Mandatory THC testing for edibles begins in Colorado

For the first time, makers of marijuana-infused cookies, cupcakes and candies were required to submit samples to newly licensed independent labs for testing, starting Thursday.