Hollie Cooper cleans a set of grow lights after harvesting cannabis plants at Northern Lights' grow facility in Denver, Colorado. (Seth McConnell, The Denver Post)

Colorado just issued two more pesticide recalls

Colorado cannabis regulators on Friday issued their 15th and 16th marijuana recalls in six weeks — placing on hold recreational and medical cannabis grown by two Sticky Buds locations and one former Sticky Buds location now owned by Northern Lights Cannabis Co., over concerns the plants were grown with unapproved pesticides.

MaryMint Tincture (The Growing Kitchen)

Colorado edibles company recalls MaryMint Tincture after inspection

A Boulder company that manufactures cannabis-infused edibles has voluntarily initiated a state-wide recall on one of its products because of “a lack of temperature control during the manufacturing and distribution processes,” according to Denver’s Department of Environmental Health. No illnesses have been attributed to the recall, the city confirmed.

The Cannabist’s SmokeSongs: A New Leaf

With stench of 2017 lingering, lets turn over a new leaf and perfume the new year as we puff our way forward and backward in time with our latest lineup of SmokeSongs.