Colorado marijuana regulators have new director: Jim Burack promoted

The state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division on Friday announced that its former chief of investigations is now its director. Jim Burack was promoted to the top job two months after his former boss, Lewis Koski, was named deputy senior director for the Colorado Department of Revenue’s broader enforcement division.

S 02, Ep. 05 – He ran the Marijuana Enforcement Division; He runs it now

Featured guests: Colorado Department of Revenue deputy senior director of enforcement (and former Marijuana Enforcement Division director) Lewis Koski and current Marijuana Enforcement Division director Jim Burack. [podcast] LOTS TO TALK ABOUT •  Where are we at with pesticides in Colorado? •  The Marijuana Enforcement Division is opening its records…

Colorado holds marijuana from two grows over pesticide worries

Colorado issues first state-level holds on marijuana due to pesticides

Colorado marijuana regulators announced Friday they have put a large but undisclosed number of plants and products on hold from two cultivation facilities over concerns they were treated with unapproved pesticides. It’s the first such action by a state agency; previous recalls have been undertaken by the city of Denver only.

Seven arrests in extortion plot to grow marijuana in Colorado

Denver’s inaugural marijuana regulation symposium finishes strong

Denver’s inaugural foray into cannabis event programming this week was deemed such a success that “it’s definitely a possibility that we’ll do it again,” said Dan Rowland, spokesman for the city’s Office of Marijuana Policy.

Colorado marijuana lawsuits: Residents sue over legalization

Colorado residents suing to halt recreational marijuana sales

Two lawsuits were filed in U.S. District Court in Colorado on Thursday morning against politicians, public servants and businesses to “end the sale of recreational marijuana in this state,” according to attorney David H. Thompson, who represents the plaintiffs in both cases.

Colorado marijuana growers at odds over revised production caps

Colorado marijuana growers at odds over revised production rules

Colorado’s pot regulators are trying to make sure the state’s marijuana growers aren’t producing more pot than they can legally sell — a hedge against Colorado-grown pot ending up in states where it’s not legal.

Cheeba Chews licensing denial by state part of bigger mystery

Cheeba Chews licensing denial by state part of bigger mystery

Cheeba Chews began as an experiment in a home kitchen and grew into one of the biggest successes of Colorado’s medical marijuana industry. Then, last spring, the medicated chocolate taffy began disappearing from shelves.

Evolving edibles rules: less potency, more education

In response to concerns over marijuana edibles sold in recreational stores, Colorado officials are drafting stricter potency and dosing-size rules. As extra encouragement, companies making products with 10 milligrams THC or less would face less stringent product testing.

Colorado begins mandatory testing of edible marijuana potency

Mandatory THC testing for edibles begins in Colorado

For the first time, makers of marijuana-infused cookies, cupcakes and candies were required to submit samples to newly licensed independent labs for testing, starting Thursday.