Super Silver Lemon Haze strain, Cannabist marijuana review

Super Silver Lemon Haze (marijuana review)

Our reviewer appreciated Super Silver Lemon Haze’s ability to kick him into gear, and he was able to withstand the brief moments of paranoia it provided, for its relaxing yet cerebral high.

Moonshine Haze (marijuana review)

Moonshine Haze brings to mind Colorado and prohibition history. A sativa hybrid bred by Rare Dankness, it’s a source of energy and focus.

Amnesia Haze from the Wellness Center of Denver (Jake Browne, The Cannabist)

Amnesia Haze (marijuana review)

The high from Amnesia Haze is focused, but occasionally your brain hits the pause button without letting you know. If I was a video, I’d be intermittently buffering. Instead of the citrus zest I’ll get from a favorite like Super Lemon Haze, it’s more of a candied peel or my memory of those gummy lemon slices we’d eat as kids.

Afghan Haze (marijuana review)

Afghan Haze (marijuana review)

Afghan Haze is the kind of strain that makes everything a skosh more fun. You’re engaged and situations are amplified. And it comes with a fair measure of pain relief and muscle relaxation, to boot.

Ghost Train Haze, marijuana review (Strain Theory, Cannabis Cup edition)

Ghost Train Haze review (Cannabis Cup edition)

If you like a sweet Haze with world-class potency that enhances just about any activity (who doesn’t?), you’d be well-served to check out Ghost Train Haze grown by Denver-based medical dispensary Green Man Cannabis.

Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze marijuana review

Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze (marijuana review)

This sativa-dominant hybrid with the long name provides a mildly intoxicating experience with a strong sense of optimism. Good for getting in tune with your body in a yoga session or doing some deep thinking.

Super Lemon Haze marijuana review

Super Lemon Haze (marijuana review)

The key to a good Super Lemon Haze is all in the nose. Look for lemony with a savory, buttery undertone. “It’s the Swiss Army knife of sativas in that I can count on it for a boost in mood, energy, or creativity. Pretty much anything but sleep.”

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Panama Punch strain marijuana review

Panama Punch (marijuana review with video)

The Panama Punch strain is a fruity sativa, with the high shifting from chatty at the start to focused, making it perfect for a toke before yoga class.