Colorado pot documentary ‘Rolling Papers’ gets its close-up at SXSW

Colorado cannabis documentary “Rolling Papers,” directed by Mitch Dickman, has its world premiere March 15 at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. It’s more than a snicker fest about cannabis, offering a telling glimpse into the state of journalism.

Medicine Man in Denver opens new Aurora store and weighs selling out

Medicine Man opens new Aurora store and weighs selling out (series)

Part IV in a series: This is full circle, in a way, for the family behind Medicine Man, a Colorado marijuana company that wants to be the Costco of weed. The Williams family’s bet on their business plan, tolerance for risk and willingness to be open about their financial books and personal lives have paid off.

Cheeba Chews licensing denial by state part of bigger mystery

Cheeba Chews licensing denial by state part of bigger mystery

Cheeba Chews began as an experiment in a home kitchen and grew into one of the biggest successes of Colorado’s medical marijuana industry. Then, last spring, the medicated chocolate taffy began disappearing from shelves.

Evolving edibles rules: less potency, more education

In response to concerns over marijuana edibles sold in recreational stores, Colorado officials are drafting stricter potency and dosing-size rules. As extra encouragement, companies making products with 10 milligrams THC or less would face less stringent product testing.

Food inspections flag health threats in edible marijuana products

Surprise health inspections for Denver makers of pot edibles

Food safety inspections of businesses that manufacture and sell marijuana edibles in Denver have found products that should be refrigerated sitting out on shelves and preparation methods insufficient to kill bacteria that can cause serious food-borne illness.

Colorado begins mandatory testing of edible marijuana potency

Mandatory THC testing for edibles begins in Colorado

For the first time, makers of marijuana-infused cookies, cupcakes and candies were required to submit samples to newly licensed independent labs for testing, starting Thursday.

Arrests made in investigation of raided Colo. medical marijuana businesses

Colorado raids update: Feds make arrests, IDs withheld

Federal agents on Friday arrested individuals in connection to high-profile November raids on Colorado medical marijuana businesses. U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman Jeff Dorschner said the arrests were carried out by the Drug Enforcement Administration, IRS Criminal Investigations and the Diplomatic Security Service.

Scenes from Denver's 4/20 celebrations

Scenes from Denver’s 4/20 celebrations

A capacity crowd huddled under blankets, wearing coats, gloves and hats for sunrise Easter service at Red Rocks Amphitheater early Sunday. About 14 hours later, Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg would lead a very different, but still capacity, crowd through songs such as “Young, Wild & Free” and “Smoke the Weed.”

Colorado's MED pot enforcers vow more action

Colorado’s marijuana regulators vow to step up enforcement

The state agency overseeing Colorado’s historic experiment in marijuana legalization is adding enforcement agents, data analysis and undercover operatives — steps officials say will help them better hold businesses accountable.

Colorado marijuana regulators switching sides to work for industry

Colo. marijuana regulators reverse roles, join industry

At least three influential officials at the state agency that regulates marijuana business have found work doing cannabis industry consulting after leaving the division, the latest sign of the industry’s growing allure in Colorado.

New details emerge on Colorado marijuana operators raided by feds

Colorado raids: New details emerge

The federal government has identified a dozen people in the ongoing investigation stemming from November raids on Colorado medical marijuana businesses. All but one is connected to a chain of five medical marijuana dispensaries and about a half-dozen marijuana grows controlled by Gerardo Uribe, his relatives or associates, records show.

Family-owned pot shop in Denver seeks to become national player

Family’s business ambitions: Become Costco of marijuana (series)

Nine relatives from three generations work behind the bulletproof glass at Medicine Man, which opened in 2010, grew into one of the state’s largest medical marijuana dispensaries and has aspirations of becoming a national brand if pot legalization continues its march.

Colorado regulators vow improved oversight of recreational pot shops

State regulators sought to make their presence known Wednesday — the first day of recreational pot sales in Colorado — sending investigators across the state and patching together a makeshift system to ensure that inventory is being tracked as required.