Colorado info on marijuana businesses to go public

The Colorado agency charged with policing the cannabis industry is about to get more user-friendly. The Marijuana Enforcement Division, which operates within the state Department of Revenue, is giving its website a significant overhaul, the division announced Tuesday.

Colorado marijuana an economics point for GOP candidates

As Republican presidential candidates prepare to debate economic issues in Boulder, the sweet smell of success for the state’s legally sold marijuana industry seems impossible to overlook.

Colorado marijuana tax holiday: Retailers take advantage

Retailers take advantage of Colorado pot tax holiday

Colorado suspended tax collections on marijuana for one day on Wednesday, and pot cultivation operations said the tax holiday was saving them tens of thousands of dollars behind the scenes.

A new symbol to ID Colorado pot edibles: THC ‘stop sign’

Pot edibles in Colorado may soon come labeled with a “stop sign” symbol, according to a draft of new rules released Wednesday by state marijuana regulators. The state may also ban the word “candy” from being used by manufacturers.

Colorado Senate gives prelim OK on marijuana caregiver crackdown

Colorado Senate gives prelim OK on marijuana caregiver crackdown

There’s good news and bad news for Colorado’s medical marijuana caregivers in a bill that got initial approval from the state Senate on Tuesday. The bad news, at least for caregivers, is they would have to register with the state, so authorities can keep closer tabs on how much each caregiver can legally grow, as well as provide record-keeping that respects patient privacy.