Gary White found a shop he thought was legitimate on Weedmaps which also advertises unlicensed, unregulated cannabis shops. Mr. White and his wife, who suffer from chronic pain, are victims of that policy. They have filed a complaint about fake labels on products from a shop in Lake Forest that they found on Weedmaps. In Mr. Whites case, there were fake dosage labels on the products. (Photo by Michael Fernandez, Contributing Photographer)

Is Weedmaps legal? Service lists unlicensed pot shops, raising questions that could touch many tech companies

It’s been eleven months since California cannabis officials told Weedmaps, the popular online directory that helps consumers find marijuana shops, to stop listing stores that aren’t licensed.

It’s also been about eleven months since Weedmaps essentially told the state to pound sand; that it would continue taking ads from all comers. And the ongoing difference of opinion between state and company could affect the cannabis industry — and other technology companies — going forward.

The squabble, indirectly, is also why Gary White feels hoodwinked.

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