Jason Walsh works at Full Metal Canning, 1725 Skyway Dr., Tuesday. (Lewis Geyer/ Longmont Times Call)

CBD-infused coffee startup launches canning operation in Longmont

Many coffee fanatics likely wish they could chug their joe straight from the tap, but that’s a messy — and potentially skin-scalding — proposition. So, coffee drink manufacturers must devise a way of getting their brew in a package before getting it into your blood stream.

For infused coffee maker Native Jack, which began in a Louisville kitchen, that conveyance is a can. But how does a startup beverage business go about getting their product canned? If you’re Native Jack’s owner Jason Walsh, you set up your own canning operation in Longmont.

Following a split with an outside canner, Walsh launched Full Metal Canning late last year with a pair of goals: The first was to provide himself with a way of getting his product packaged. Second, Walsh said he wanted to give other small beverage operations the same opportunity.

“We want to provide a service to craft beverage (producers who are) looking to can their product but just might not be able to get together the capital” required for packaging, he said.

Walsh — whose company specializes in cold brews infused with compounds such as taurine, collagen, along with cannabis derivatives cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp seed oil — secured investors, bought a roughly $200,000 piece of machinery and set up shop at the Skyway Foods co-production facility on Highway 119.

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