Self-proclaimed Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson is pictured in his Woody Creek home near Aspen, Colorado in February 1997. (Denver post file)

Location and dates set for new Hunter S. Thompson movie “Freak Power”

The town of Silverton, Colorado will be the primary location for filming a new movie about the true story of Hunter S. Thompson’s curious, bizarre and entertaining run to be sheriff of Pitkin County in the 1970s.

Stephani Burditt, office manager for Region 9 Economic Development of Southwest Colorado, confirmed that “Freak Power” would start filming in Silverton this fall.

In December, it was announced that director Bobby Kennedy III received a $300,000 rebate from Colorado’s Economic Development Commission to shoot his new feature on Thompson in the state.

The Denver Post reported the budget for “Freak Power” would be $1.85 million, bringing a cast of 100 and a crew of 73. It’s Kennedy’s intention to distribute the film in a digital format, such as Netflix.

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