S03E07: This duo gives industry an HR assist with wide field of marijuana jobs

Featured guests: Brenda Blanchard-Kooser and Caela Bintner of Faces Human Capital Management.



•  From the trim room to the executive offices, how to find the best marijuana jobs.

•  What are cannabis businesses really looking for in prospective employees?

•  Host Jake Browne says pot shops don’t need tip jars — do dispensaries pay their budtenders enough?

•  Jake, Janae and Producer Vince take a personality test to see how well The Cannabist Show’s staff functions, results given live.


Startup Hound Labs raises $8.1 million for portable marijuana breathalyzer: Soon any adult over the age of 21 will be able to buy marijuana legally in California. And as officials scramble to lay down the rules for this new industry, there’s still something the state is missing — police have no good way to tell when you’re driving under the influence. That’s the problem Oakland-based Hound Labs is trying to solve. The startup on Tuesday said it raised $8.1 million and began clinical trials for its portable marijuana breathalyzer test — the first of its kind. –Report by Bay Area News Group’s Marisa Kendall

The ultimate wine-weed pairing: Oregon vineyards try hand at cannabis farming and tourism: Bill and Barbara Steele moved to this sleepy corner of Oregon to start their own winery after successful, high-powered business careers. Now, more than a decade later and with award-winning wine to show for their hard work, they are adding a new crop: marijuana. Oregon’s legalization of recreational pot two years ago created room for entrepreneurial cross-pollination in this fertile region abutting California’s so-called Emerald Triangle, a well-known nirvana for outdoor weed cultivation. A handful of Oregon winemakers are experimenting with pot in hopes of increasing their appeal among young consumers and in niche markets. –Report by The Associated Press’s Gillian Flaccus

Smoker Supply Kit: Pack these essentials for pot-friendly picnics and baked barbecues: Ah, the kit. It’s a different variation for every smoker — some are simply a joint and a lighter, others are overflowing with accessories. However dialed-in you keep your supplies, it’s always a buzzkill when you’re scrambling for something. The arrival of summer has us gassing up our grills and preparing for backyard parties. This season, step up your barbecue and picnic game with these hot items for higher hosting. –Report by The Cannabist’s Katie Shapiro

From chrysanthemums to cannabis: The ‘Green rush’ in Salinas Valley: A beloved but beleaguered landscape is now sprouting new luxury greenhouses, fueled by a dream of marijuana riches that is changing the people and produce of this corner of Steinbeck Country. Salinas Valley was once the heart of the nation’s flower-growing business. But now collapsing wood-and-plastic greenhouses are being replaced by tall and gleaming high-tech European structures guarded by gates, barbed wire and cameras. “We’re rehabbing it — with a new flower,” said Salinas attorney Gavin Kogan, owner of GrupoFLor real estate company, which leases 2.6 million square feet of property to several dozen cannabis growers. –Report by Bay Area News Group’s Lisa M. Krieger


Test your current-events knowledge about veterans’ marijuana concerns, a New England state still battling it out for bud, Wisconsin drug testing and more.

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