S03E03: He steered California legalization effort; She lobbied for later Denver shop hours

Featured guests: Dustin Moore, deputy campaign manager for Yes on 64 to legalize marijuana in California, and Simply Pure cannabis shop owner Wanda James.



•  Helping the sixth-largest economy in the world say “yes” to legal, regulated, recreational marijuana.

•  With pot culture moving out of the shadows and closets, should the plants follow suit and be grown under the sun?

•  Changing how (or at least when) cannabis consumers can shop in Colorado’s largest city.


Free-range cannabis-infused buffalo jerky? Of course you can, in Colorado: Todd Gardner’s free-range bison jerky infused with cannabis oil extracted from marijuana grown in the Roaring Fork Valley is the only edible marijuana product made in the Aspen area. Cannabis Queen Jerky is produced in a facility at the Aspen Business Center. Gardner buys free-range bison meat from South Dakota that is blended with spices and cannabis oil. He sends samples from each batch to a laboratory in Durango, which tests to make sure each piece has equal amounts of THC, he said. –Report by The Aspen Times

California regulators release first draft of revised medical marijuana rules: California has published detailed plans to regulate its multibillion-dollar medical marijuana industry for the first time since the Golden State legalized cannabis as medicine more than 20 years ago. The proposed plan — drafted in three parts by three different state agencies — lays out standards for any marijuana business that wants to get licensed by the state. The 211 pages of regulations aren’t law yet. They’re now open for public comment. The state plans to take feedback in writing and through a series of public hearings over the next 45 days before getting a final set of rules in place in time to start issuing licenses by Jan. 1, 2018. –Report by The Cannifornian’s Brooke Edwards Staggs

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“Father of cannabis research” calls for rescheduling CBD: If the United States stopped viewing CBD as an illegal substance, it would unlock the marijuana compound’s immense potential as medicine, the “father of cannabis research” said during a visit to Colorado. Raphael Mechoulam, a Hebrew University professor and organic chemist with six decades of research on cannabis, served as the keynote speaker for the inaugural conference of the Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Institute of Cannabis Research. “I believe that CBD has to be moved from the highest illegal situation next to heroin, which doesn’t make sense, because it’s not toxic, doesn’t cause any addiction, so it should be moved,” Mechoulam said to The Denver Post and The Cannabist in a brief interview following his speech. “And once it’s moved, more people will be using it. And I hope it will become a major (medicinal) drug.” –Report by The Cannabist’s Alicia Wallace


Test your current-events knowledge about one country’s national pot cap, California pot shop hours, another New England state loosening its pot policies and more.

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