S03E02: He’s the new Editor of The Cannabist; He makes award-winning CBD edibles

Featured guests: New Editor-in-chief of The Cannabist Alex Pasquariello and Incredibles Founder and President Bob Eschino.



•  The new East Coast versus West Coast is going to be over cannabis. Does the Atlantic stand a chance?

•  How one former pot baron sees the role of responsibility in the industry shifting.

•  The Denver 420 rally leaves behind a trashed Civic Center Park. Do events like these help or hurt the legalization movement?


Denver mayor orders inquiry into 4/20 event’s trash, security issues: Denver Mayor Michael Hancock on Monday ordered a city review into rampant fence-hopping, public pot-smoking and slow trash cleanup that left Civic Center in a “disrespectful state” during and after last week’s 4/20 celebration. Delivering his most forceful critique of the annual event, Hancock said the city’s inquiry could yield penalties for organizers and affect how the event unfolds in future years. “Our parks and public spaces are held in the public trust. … When you leave one of our parks trashed, you violate that trust,” Hancock said in the park just before noon, with several members of his administration flanking him. Organizers responded Monday afternoon in a statement that said they believed they complied with all permit conditions. They insisted that they “returned Civic Center Park under cleaner conditions than it began,” and within the time frame given by the city. –Report by The Denver Post’s Jon Murray

Starting Monday, you can shop later at Denver marijuana stores that choose 10 p.m. closing: Denver marijuana licensees on Monday received permission from the city to keep their stores open until 10 p.m. — a move the industry says will help it compete with businesses in some neighboring cities. Stores that offer recreational or medical marijuana sales (or both) will get the option to adjust their hours beginning May 1. Denver has 218 storefronts, making up the lion’s share of stores in the metro area. The City Council approved a change to the city’s allowed sales hours — currently 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. — after wrestling with the issue for months, including Monday night. Three floor amendments that would have further restricted the extended hours in some way all failed, including Chris Herndon’s suggestion of tying the later sales cut-off to an hour delay in the earliest-allowed morning opening time, to 9 a.m. –Report by The Denver Post’s Jon Murray

In aftermath of weed party raid, Philly mayor says Pennsylvania should legalize marijuana: The mayor of Philadelphia says Pennsylvania should legalize marijuana so police don’t have to expend resources on busts like the one in his city over the weekend. Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney says Saturday’s raid at a warehouse hosting a pot-smoking party might have been “overkill.” Police arrested 22 people and seized more than 50 pounds of marijuana. About 175 people were allowed to leave without charges. The mayor says he understands why police busted the party, citing the large amount of marijuana present and potentially dangerous conditions in the building. But he says marijuana legalization is “the real solution.” –Report by The Associated Press


Colorado bill adding PTSD to medical marijuana list heads to gov’s desk: A bill to add PTSD to the list of Colorado’s medical marijuana qualifying conditions is headed to the governor’s desk. The Colorado Senate on Tuesday voted 32-2 to re-pass Senate Bill 17, which was amended in the House. What’s happened to this point:

The state House on Friday passed SB 17 by a vote of 39-25, with one member absent. The vote came a day after the bill was amended in second reading to add a stipulation that one of the two recommending physicians required for minor patients be a pediatrician, board-certified family physician or board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist who is part of the family’s medical care plan. –Report by The Cannabist’s Alicia Wallace


Test your current-events knowledge about how drugs are crossing international borders, Hawaiian pakalolo paraphernalia laws, whether or not the New England Patriots will be receiving some pot tax funds and more.