High Level, a medical marijuana shop in Denver, Colorado. (Denver Post file)

North Dakota prepares to hear testimony on proposed medical marijuana regulations

The House Human Services Committee has reserved the state Capitol’s biggest room on Tuesday to hear testimony on new state rules overseeing marijuana as medicine.

The so-called North Dakota Compassionate Care Act won 65 percent voter approval in November. It allows the use of marijuana as medicine for people who suffer from one of several debilitating illnesses.

Provisions that would have allowed growing pot as medicine were taken out of the measure. And patients may only smoke it provided a physician finds that no other form of marijuana would help.

Backers of the initiated measure are alleging lawmakers are changing the intent of the measure against voters’ will.

The Senate passed the measure by more than the needed two-thirds majority. The House also must do the same, or the original voter-approved version goes on the books.